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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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ExotikZBoy17: IDK if it's just me, but it kinda sounds like a R8/Gallardo, even though it's a 5 cyl.
Connor Bailey: Are you willing to sell any?
Andrea Lorenzo: i thought you were going to do a hair transformation video???
Patrick Butler: hello, are there lifts on board from the car decks to the cabins?
bizill75: 410002BK-R Thanks. But I keep finding conflicting pictures and want to make sure I get the EXACT one you have there. Looks different than the pics on their website show. Sorta like a "sportster" in carbon fiber. If you notice on the link you provide, NONE of them look like yours. Just wanna be sure.
Rey X: anY link ?
B3a5tma5t3r: to bad that those DVD's and Vids are all only in english. I understand the most things but not 100% of it, and on suspension changes it's necesarry to understand the complete stuff

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