Classic 125, Honda CT70 Clone & Mini Rover 125, Z50 Clone Comparison Review And Ride

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Classic 125. Honda CT70 Clone & Mini Rover 125. Z50 Clone Comparison Review and Ride
Classic 125. Honda CT70 Clone & Mini Rover 125. Z50 Clone Comparison Review and Ride
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Mini Rover 125 (Honda Z50 Clone) First Spring Ride
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AudiophileTubes: Great videos! I have a 'candy red' LIFAN 110-GY3 110cc 'CT70 clone', and I absolutely LOVE it! It is well made, and is street legal too. I get stares, comments, thumbs up, etc. everywhere I ride! I've had many people wax nostalgic about how they either had, or wanted a CT70 back in the 70's, when they were very popular.

karel Gevaert: Your ct 70 clone has to small wheels I drive my honda nt 50 clone with 10 inch rims, and I drive with metzler tyres, 130/90-10 for the rear wheel and 100/80-10 for the front.

Somiih: Awesome video!

Somiih: Is the clone of the Honda ct as god as the original one?

ScottandAustinTV: They have a kick stand lock (Won't start if kick stand is down) See if that is the problem, and check you battery if you haven't already

Joy West: Hi I'm looking for Skyteam 125 skymax I live in AZ been looking on line unable to find skyteam dealer in the us do you no of any

DaBeastCaleb: how much did it cost

Rick Spence: @reddwarfposse The first gear seems to be disigned for slow and steady going. Never had an issue with steep trails (within reason) or rocks.

liljerkboid: Would you sell any of these or the dune buggy , I need one I'm despite .

jjneet: Thanks for the videos. I take it these are a few years old. How are these bikes holding up? I'm considering the 125 Classic or the 125 Sherpa. I'm about 5'10" and 190, so I think I'd be all right on one. Have you had any problems with them yet? You state that your Classic will do 65mph (that for the message below mine).

lngbdr74: I have the same bike, a 2009 Pitster Pro Classic 125. I love it and Pitster's been great as far as the support goes. What size after market air filter did you put on, is it 1.5 inches? The mini monster looks great and I can't wait to see the videos of you riding it. Thanks

liljerkboid: Would you sell any of these I need one , I'm tired of walking and I'm desprit

Vanner: Whats the make and model? Just Classic 125? Where did you purchase it? It looks like a fun city commuter.

mikegigabyte: you know about how many miles you can go on the ct70 clone I have a 140 in mine and have to get more fuel after 35 miles

1bigOkid: I'll have to send you the video of my big wheel ct70 which I created to fill the void of the "Sherpa". It all seems like a waste of 4 months now, but it's one of a kind custom and I enjoyed the project.

Rick Spence: Over 6 foot 4 inches

enosbe21: what is the top speed? thx!

Alex P: i have one of these. but i cant get it to key start? how do i do this

1bigOkid: Love your videos. Those bikes are beautiful. Glad to see both your bikes in this one. Came across your video while searching for another maker of ct70 clones as I have two Lifans and was thinkink of getting a 3rd bike. Your video prompted me to look up Pitster Pro where I found my dream come true (so thank you). I looked forever for a Skyteam "T-Rex" which are not sold in U.S. but it's now imported by Pitster Pro and sold as the "Sherpa". Being street legal is another plus.

99srchancey: I am in kansas, how can i buy one of these classic 125 ?

motorgeeek: When your engine is colt, never give any gas, wait 30 seconds then warm up slowly for a km or 5, if you don't do that your engine will live less longer

SpectrumRob: The front disc brake ruins the original look, as does the front fender. Hopefully in the future this can be corrected.

olsd1: how much did the ct70 clone cost????

Riley Siillytoes: If you're in Alberta they sell them at Toys 4 Boys Motorsports in Calgary.

1bigOkid: @reddwarfposse Will do if I ever get one.

bakstaber111: One pig ugly bike

Nick Vercampt: could the mini rover reach the same speed? Is there a fuel indicator on the mini rover? nice vid!

Guy Person: how far can you go one a full tank of gas?

Gritscooterboy123: Cool bike. Where can I buy one?

Rick Spence: The air filter is a EMGO Tapered air filter. The one I used was 39mm but still had to do some crafting to make it fit an extra rubber grommet etc. The best way would be to remove the existing air cleaner and take it down to the local motorcycle shop and match the openings. EMGO makes a number of sizes in this type filter and the rubber mounting grommet is forgiving. The smaller bike is a Mini Rover not the Mini Monster, the monster is larger sized and a bit more weight. Stay tuned.

Raymond B: very nice vid! whats the range on this bad boy?

Rick Spence: @mash740 No problems. Both run well but the Mini Trail 125 runs a little better.

paisteboy: Another nice bike you have there. Looks like fun.

Hello3427956704: where did you buy it?

mash740: Have you had any problems with them?

Rick Spence: @reddwarfposse I don't own the Sherpa model (mine is the Mini Trail 125). I like the clasic and mini trail because of the folding handel bars. They both fit in my little wagon easly.
Classic 125, Honda CT70 Clone & Mini Rover 125, Z50 Clone Comparison Review and Ride 4.3 out of 5

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Classic 125, Honda CT70 Clone & Mini Rover 125, Z50 Clone Comparison Review and Ride