Ruger Sp101 .357 Mag 4.2 Inch Review

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Manny Cruz: Excellent review! I'm definitely buying this revolver!

Songs Central: very nice gun SP101well Done Mate

T C: I really like this gun. I consider it a kit gun. I have a smith 617 kit gun as well, good stuff. I suspect you will love this one.

Murray Barker: Good video for your first time. Definately recommend putting the camera on a stand to free up both hands and steady the view. Got my hands on this gun today for the first time and boy do I want it!!!

gunlover111: Great review ,,,, I wish It was in HD .....
 I just bought this gun and am very anxious to do my own review.

John H: They have the 357slowed down so much today that over penetration is not as much of a problem it was 20 yrs ago. The Lawyer factor has taken the over penetration factor out of it. A lot better SD today. JMHO

cvsporn: i came, thank you for this vid my son

Turf Surf: beautiful gun, but you need a better camera.

indycmw: Good review brother!!

captainpegs07: Lee classic loader is cheap and fun to use if you do not already reload.

R Kirwan: Buffalo Bore makes a low flash low recoil .357 38+P and .38Sp hollow point you may want to look at for personal protection without over penetration.

roseroyceGHOST: 110 grain .357mag will help to reduce the problem of over penetration. winchester white box is good.

Jman357: Dont get me wrong, I LOVE .357 mag! its my favorite round. Very versatile. But theres alot to consider when carrying for self defense. Muzzle flash and report are another thing. At night a .357 mag muzzle flash could temp blind you and if you are indoors, the report could be damaging on the ears. But they are fun too shoot. and this gun was very fun to shoot!

Jman357: I know .357 is way more powerfull. Thats actually why i DONT carry it with them. Over penetration, as a concealed carry holder, you are responsible for every round that leaves that gun and at close range a .357 would go right through a person, the wall behind them, and possibly into another person. .38 +p rounds are very good for self defense and dont over penetrate. Also they are much easier to shoot accurately. id rather hit with 5 .38's then miss with a .357 because of the recoil.

wombobars: you should carry .357 in there man, i have a gp100 ive never shot 38 out of it but the difference is night and day, i mean 357 is the same size bullet as a 38 yet more powerful than 45, 9, i mean anything, any duty/protection handgun round except 44 i guess but idk who carries those for protection. 38's..are less effective than 9mm imo, not that it couldnt kill in one shot, but personally i'd like the reassurance of 357

Jman357: I had to adjust my windage slightly right one click but no, i didnt have any problem adjusting it. It does not move alot, only a couple clicks each direction.

Jman357: Thanks, Ive bought a few more guns since and will be doing a short review on them as well, plus some vids at the shooting range.

Jman357: That was the only problem i had with this gun. Threre werent any holsters out yet. The best way to go is custom made online. theres a few different websites that can make one for the 4 inch barrel. The best one i could find at the local sporting goods store was a Galco Summer Comfort made for the 2" barrel. Its an IWB holster with an open muzzle so the barrel sticks out the bottom but being an IWB holster you dont see the barrel. That was the most comfortable one i had.

PhoenixRugerRedBird: The windage sight to be exact.

PhoenixRugerRedBird: Have you had any trouble adjusting your rear sights? I can't get the screws to budge.
Ruger sp101 .357 mag 4.2 inch review 5 out of 5

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Manny Cruz: Excellent review! I'm definitely buying this revolver!
Hazem Bata: Thanks for the info.
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Ruger sp101 .357 mag 4.2 inch review