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extreme111oc: Hallo, i'm interesting about this box. But have one question. Has this box separates power buttons for every disk? Thank you. F.
UnknownVersion00: great BAF.Good Review and can you review Blob and Ronan i fu have em
Chris Janko: British acting American, and the American acted by the British who acts American acts British.
Awakened citizen: lol So republicans are racist because an old lady who happens to be black can't vote because she doesn't own a car and therefore no license???.....Ummm, isn't that what state ID's are for? Even a bum on the street can come up with 10 bucks for a state ID, if he can't, then voting seems like the least of his problems.
Henna By Heather: @monicac351: you can get henna from Artistic Adornment - we ship worldwide, from within the US :) @bruce banner and @bethany hills : pure, natural ground up henna leaves like this don't actually interact at all with the stainless steel spoon and bowl used here... weird compound hennas with unknown ingredients do, though. So be sure to always ure pure, natural henna. @+MrDokalu : You can apply henna with any applicator you like, but the thinner the application, the lighter the color will be. So you might want to use a brush for a wash of lighter color, but something that lays it on thicker will be better for the main design elements that you want to be dark.
sakanaya360: ちゃんとした字幕がほしいですね
Anarion18: you sick or something? your voice sounds like it

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