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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Omar Correa: I bet Tom Hardy could play a good Wolverine. He's short and stocky like Wolverine in the comics and he's an awesome actor.
Michal Jurík: I've always been the Navara fan, but the latest L200 is growing on me very quickly :) both looking good
The House: @ckledzeppelin You need to use a nylon bristle brush to clear the Structurn bases.
Psyferno the dracohog: That, I don't know why, but was too epic to be in english
Adrian Alonso: @lordtufty probably high as freak
Jessica Wildonger: Squash was actully his stage name His birthname was Tracy
Mercuie: Can't wait to try this out. Have to get my Verizon version in the mail first so I can send it back to them and wait for the credit. Hopping ship so I can play with my GS3. :( Feel like I have been waiting on this phone forever!

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