Chrysler Town And Country P0404 P0406 Fix EGR Valve Replacement How To

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Chrysler Town and Country P0404 P0406 fix EGR Valve Replacement How to
Chrysler Town and Country P0404 P0406 fix EGR Valve Replacement How to
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heymanwhataboutBob: You can just loosen all bolts except bottom one and use a pry bar to push the egr valve back and this will break bolt free and allow you to loosen easily no need to drop alternator.

Michael Kanzia: Awesome video. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Chris Eytcheson: Good video, thanks for posting this.

Christopher Weier: Great video. I'm glad I watched it before breaking something trying to get that bottom bolt. 

sakeyes2: Wow! Thanks for this great video! Going to attempt to replace mine this weekend now that I know how to do it.

Steve Bannister: thanks for the info

George Podrebarac: I was able to get that lower bolt out without touching alternator , wheel etc......20 min out, 20 min in...use a 1/4 inch drive socket ...I'd attach a pix but I don't see such an option...............................

Hack Multimedia: The replacement alternators leave space for you to put a socket in the lower part of the valve. I had a P0404 code, replaced the valve, then two days later the catalytic converter clogged, causing the van to go a whopping 10mph and an excrutiatingly painful 7mpg! Loosening the four bolts on the cc got me around town until I could replace it, but that same code remained.

David James: EXCELLENT - u spoke in "I don't know crap and I'm not a mechanic" much appreciated !!!

DDK45: If you have a 1/4" flex socket with a small extension you will be able to get the bottom bolt out. No need to take out alternator. 

briansmobile1: @ckempjr07 You're welcome man!

drspankymfc: Did not need to remove alt. Just use 1/4 small socket and 4" extension. To initially break loose bolts use 3/8 to 1/4 adapter and 3/8 ~12in flex socket wrench. Then you can use 1/4" socket wrench

Chris Chauncey: Hey Brian I'm getting a p401 code. I just had the alternator, belt and intake gasket replaced. Could this be the EGR valve as well? Thanks for the help if you can!

Nick Dorsey: Brian, I myself had to deal with that belt tensioner when replacing the water pump over the weekend-- It's a nightmare to replace that thing. Also have changed a few EGR valves myself. Seems there are many common issues with these, power steering res gets blocked, water pump leaks, EGR, and front brakes(I end up going through a set every 6 months, rotors get torn up too). I think when I did the EGR I drove it hard for a bit to heat the head up, lower bolt should come out without much force.

briansmobile1: @mysticalmayra Right on.

arrowmanjr: how do i get to the back 3 spark plugs on my 2000 Chrysler town and country with a 3.8 motor

CPLPunismnt: Thanks for posting that. Took all the mystery away. Totally doable. You da MAN!

AllanMinneapolis: I've finally tried Kano aero kroil and found it works really well on ancient rust frozen bolts (better than PB Blaster? I think so). Really helps me out sometimes. Have to buy direct from them.

briansmobile1: yes. O2 sensor bank one sensor one failure.

beenselock: 50% diesel and 50% automatic trans fluid, works awesome. much better than pb blaster, i have a little spray bottle that i have it mixed in and its always the first thing i grab.

briansmobile1: Check for blocked EGR/intake manifold passages.

briansmobile1: Yours should be servicable without removing the alternator or the belt. The tensioner is actuated by a special bar with a 3/8" square like on the tool I made in the Mini Cooper AC compressor video. "sword tool"

DeadringerFRED: You should take the tube right off and clean the inside with carb cleaner or WD40. Use cleaner that won't leave a residue.

jeff27577: well damn, the bottom bolt will not let go. looks like im pulling the alt. was hoping to not have to do that.

briansmobile1: @linaeme46 In my industry we call that "parts swapping" and it's the mark of incompetence..... bless his heart.


J Court: Ok still lost. Get o2 sensor but bank one sensor one fail has lost me

briansmobile1: You're welcome!

Jackie Midkiff: Where is the fuel pressure regulator on a 2005 grand caravan sxt?

Mark Spearman: Thanks so much. This is going to save me a few bucks. I just bought a code scanner, looked up the code, found your video, and I should be set. I'll by through your amazon link if it's a competitive price.

briansmobile1: You're welcome- thanks for watching.

rubberman365: Sorry egr1582 dam fingers lol

seniorjohnl: i thought egr was to introduce inert exhaust gas back into the intake to reduce NOx emissions, and to prevent knocking/pre-ignition under load.

briansmobile1: Way to go man!

MattyBlodgett: Thank you so much for the excellent walk through.

briansmobile1: Could also be a fuel pump or ignition control module.

briansmobile1: I just made a video about that. Watch it on my channel. ( I made it for you just now )

mrexecutive1: @MrGILCORY here are instructions for alternator by the book. 3.3L & 3.8L Engines Remove or disconnect the following: Negative battery cable, Alternator harness connectors, Right front lower splash shield, Accessory drive belt, Lower oil dipstick tube bolt and the wiring harness from the tube, 3 mounting bolts, Dipstick tube, may clean blts with brush if you would like. EGR does not need to be removed. Install in reverse order, Tighten to 40 ft. lbs. (54 Nm).

StickyPageProduction: THANK YOU!!!! You made my life a whole lot easier! Great video😃 greetings from Toronto , Canada !

srikrana: thanks very much,,that was a great deal of information...

briansmobile1: Welcome!

briansmobile1: I'm not sure what to tell you on that. I don't know.

Joseph Gugel: I was able to get the EGR off my 2006 T&C without moving the alternator, using Craftsman 1/4" drive and socket. Put liquid wrench on the bolts the day I ordered the replacement and again just before removing the bolts. Got the lower bolt 75% out with the socket and the rest by hand. Perhaps I got lucky on this one.....I'm due.

mrexecutive1: Great video! just wanted to give your viewers a shortcut on this job. Alternator removal is not required and you can access bottom egr bolt with a 1/4" drive socket. saves a lot of time rather than removing panels belt alternator. also egr tube on top of intake removal not required. only 4 bolts needed for removal. the two egr mounting bolts and the two tube bolts on the egr. thanks again for all your great videos, hopefully theres more to come. Happy New Year.

uncleollies: Thanks alot just got a 05 town n country 3.3 look just like this job I got p0406 going to change it myself THANKS much for posting !!

briansmobile1: It's an EGR code that means the flow is insufficient. You may have black carbon build up in the ports of the intake manifold.

NoShadowOfDoubt1: hi Brian, what spot do you suggest jacking the van up? floor jack location suggested in service manual? I saw some lifting it from under the shock absorber assembly (if not mistaken)? and then use the jack stands under the flat tire frame lift spot? what do you recommend the capacity on the jack stand for 4700 curb weight?

wallydisneydad: Brian (AKA briansmobile1), Thank you for the video. Saved me a lot of money. I ended up not taking off the alternator bolts and instead took the advice of one of your posters. I did however replace his pry bar with a piece of pine to pry with. For others taking shortcuts, the negative cable disconnect, is what clears the ODB code. Again, thanks.

Jess E.: AWESOME information!!! The code we had was only p 0404, my husband wants to know can he just disconnect the hose and spray it out with throttle body & air-intake cleaner then replace the hose. Do you think that will fix the problem. we noticed today the air condition would only really blow when we were driving (not sure if that is because of this problem or not) If you think we should DEFINATELY replace the EGR valve thingy how much do you think a mechanic would charge? Looks like a big job!

Ron Mackey: Thanks. I was able to do it without pulling the alt.
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heymanwhataboutBob: You can just loosen all bolts except bottom one and use a pry bar to push the egr valve back and this will break bolt free and allow you to loosen easily no need to drop alternator.
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Chrysler Town and Country P0404 P0406 fix EGR Valve Replacement How to