How To Remove Rust From A Brake Rotor

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How To Remove Rust from a Brake Rotor
How To Remove Rust from a Brake Rotor
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Prevent Brake Rotors from Rusting
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How to Prevent Ugly Rusty Brake Rotors
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Remove Rusted Brake Rotors ( Easy for any car or truck )
Remove Rusted Brake Rotors ( Easy for any car or truck )

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ltlocus: vinegar works just as good.

L.A DiNiro: Best stuff on the planet! I used it to clean a rusty gas tank. it made the job so simple

Jon LeBatard: Oh c'mon Jeff, get a freakin' haircut, this isn't 1972 any longer and you're not surfin', you old fart.

DarkDrift0r: does it work for drum stands?

KoljaMineralka: isn't it easier to use zinc galvanization ? ? ?

Brendan Rimer: How many gallons will I need to clean the rust off of my four rotors? Can you keep re-using the same metal rescue I poured in a bucket four different times for all of them?

Tom K: Someone commented years ago on wheel bearings and grease in bearings. Is it safe to use on wheel bearings? I have a steering knuckle I want to drop the whole thing into the bucket :D

Devamurti Richie: I found rust on just one of the 4 rotors on my car so removed all the rust using vinegar and a kitchen scrub. It came off easily but then the rust reappeared in about two days...again just on the one rotor... any idea why ??

b novak: I see no real rust here. Surface rust on iron is created in only few days in wet invironment. Those rotors do not need cleaning. Brake pads will clean it in just first braking.

Gong Songs: what happens if you leave it in there for 2 days..... any corrosion possibility?

kevrs2: JUST USE VINEGAR ! and the money that you save you can spend that on dancing girls :)

HenryMania: Lol the bad acting! :D There is probably somebody out there that knows the secret of MetalRescue. It's like Molasses on steroids and instead of 2 weeks it takes 2 hours. We just need the correct ingredient and time it x100 :)

Diego choy: can be useon caliper ?

P3RDIT1ON: Is Metal Rescue safe for powder coated metals? My brake rotor is part steel part powder coated.

gbowne1: Diesel fuel is another common solvent and will mildly de rust. It's not a end all cure all for it though.

Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath from Workshop Hero: Hi Scrap-oh-laa, thanks for watching our video! Although acids are also used to remove rust, they are not always the best application for all de-rusting projects. Metal Rescue is safe on paint, plastics, rubber, and to the touch. It's bio-degradable and can be used indoors. You can also reuse it over and over again. Metal Rescue does not etch the metal making it your one step, safe, clean, and easy way to remove rust. It's just another tool in your workshop!

Scrap-oh-laa: Spending $50 on a gallon of stuff that takes a day??? Try using muriatic acid from your local hardware store or wally world. $7-$10 a gallon, works in about 10-15 minutes. and can be reused over and over and over again despite how nasty the solution looks. 2 gallons have lasted me over a year now, I just filter the rust out and reuse again and again. Use outdoors! with thick gloves and eye pro. It's acid. It's usually used to etch concrete, but can etch lots of other things. not for aluminum!

Steve Hardman: It seems your using actors in it.

Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath from Workshop Hero: Hi, Steve, what do you mean by "a stage event?"

Steve Hardman: But mate this is much a stage event...
How To Remove Rust from a Brake Rotor 5 out of 5

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How To Remove Rust from a Brake Rotor