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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Linkvssoniceveryday .: In my Opinion I like Ryan better plz dont thumb down its an opinion
HotIssue66: awesome!! i mean really COOOOOOOOL... i love Aiza so much... :3
Syren dipity: Great video, thanks. I'm about to purchase a camera and can't decide between this Nikon D5000 or the Sony A33, any ideas as to which is better? Any help would be greatly appriciated, thankyou =)
Justin Wallraven: Overtime I would imagine a lot of grease builds up under the direct grilling station. How do you clean that out?
jawad zakariya: priyanka is a whorina
yapoonin: this is Pizzicato Five's song "Baby Love Child"
Yousuf Sheikh: Please don't buy Very slow and 

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