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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Laura Sweeney: you talking in vent? just wondering, what kind of vent?
allmighty20: Thanx a lot, very useful video. I managed to install the CISS without problems , still the chips were a pain but in the end I installed them correctly. Good job on the tutorial.
Lego Hunter: Where do you buy the clone turbo tank
Mario Lopez: Cooooooocha emochaaa!!!! te amooooo enanoskyyyy
Shawna Ledford: thumbs up if youve been on that ride and shaw aan alligator head or am i the onily one.
Robert Greene: It look lick White birch nice job . 
dave hamer: @joachimekstrom u clearly have not been doing it right thats the challenge 5 great slides after each island its really not that hard to work out if u would like me to take a picture showing that im on the x28 nest i can just to show you i have done it already, was only trying to help you out.

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