.17 HMR Ballistics Gel

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Steven S.: Ummm....why are you sitting down range, mere feet from the target while somebody shoots at it?

Mike lamb0: Please do a ballistic gel test with the .17 WSM RIMFIRE!

can't find a ballistic gel test with this new round anywhere...

jared taylor: looks good enough for coyotes at that range in my opinion. never hunted coyotes with a 17 hmr but I have finished off a few of them cought in steel traps from distances ranging any where from 5 to as much as 40 yards all heart/lung shots and all were dead any where between 5 and 30 seconds roughly. 

Pongo1320: That round is a nasty little bastard.

zitm2GeE: Wash your nail

adrianm413: Why are you breathing like you're dying?

chlela01: That round is devastating. I hunt everything from squirrels to turkeys with it. I will be trying to take a hog with it in the future. Nice gel test. 

jay mercer: cut into it clown 

recon562001: Get a trip pod man! Major safety violation!!

Rocco Rocks: man why cant they do that around my house!!! also awesome test, should have said that the first time.

Shooter12point7: Awesome!

Greenthumb Patriot: i always have 2 lol a back up 

Joseph Barney: The photographer was my fiance and she was crouched behind a dirt mound. The .17HMR has never in my experience been capable of a ricochet because it turns to dust. I wouldn't ever put her in a high risk situation. I recognize that risk was present but risk is present every time a trigger is pulled. I will be filming from a go-pro camera now though so no one will have to be downrange ever again. I highly recommend go pro cameras. 

Joseph Barney: I lost It on my motorcycle. Fell off my pocket. I have another one now. Everyone should have one.

Joseph Barney: Ballistics gel Is very messy to make but when it gets cooler in the area so the air temp matches I'll do a comparison of every .17HRM round I can find in my area. A couple manufactures are re-packaged Hornady ammo so I will not be comparing those. 

Joseph Barney: yes. there's a wealthy man that lives in the area and lives to fly. 

Joseph Barney: It's a rifle. A marlin 917V. I've given it a trigger job, a thumb-hole stock, and a 24X scope. 22" heavy barrel bolt action. 

vampire847: what barrel length and was it pistol/revolver or a rifle?

Rocco Rocks: do i hear aerial acrobatics in the background?
.17 HMR Ballistics Gel 5 out of 5

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Steven S.: Ummm....why are you sitting down range, mere feet from the target while somebody shoots at it?
duanemcclun: Im curious how the D7100 compares to the D3300 in shooting in low light at high ISO?
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PlayToTheMax Productions: Where is his fade at?
مصطفى العبادي: شباب اشلون اصور فور كي بل نوت فور ممكن
Liz Serich: Love this idea, I have a small stampin up jewelry tag punch that I can use for the tags you have on yours. It even has a hole to tie ribbon through or whatever you want to use. Thanks for sharing. 😀

.17 HMR Ballistics Gel