.17 HMR Ballistics Gel

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jared taylor: looks good enough for coyotes at that range in my opinion. never hunted coyotes with a 17 hmr but I have finished off a few of them cought in steel traps from distances ranging any where from 5 to as much as 40 yards all heart/lung shots and all were dead any where between 5 and 30 seconds roughly.

Pongo1320: That round is a nasty little bastard.

zitm2GeE: Wash your nail

adrianm413: Why are you breathing like you're dying?

chlela01: That round is devastating. I hunt everything from squirrels to turkeys with it. I will be trying to take a hog with it in the future. Nice gel test.

jay mercer: cut into it clown

Blitzspeer: Fun video but ballistic gel reacts differently at different temperatures so this could never be too accurate,ballistic gel of course can't be 98 degrees but at below 50 it will harden and not be like flesh etc etc.

recon562001: Get a trip pod man! Major safety violation!!

Rocco 1050: man why cant they do that around my house!!! also awesome test, should have said that the first time.

Shooter12point7: Awesome!

Greenthumb Patriot: i always have 2 lol a back up

Joseph Barney: The photographer was my fiance and she was crouched behind a dirt mound. The .17HMR has never in my experience been capable of a ricochet because it turns to dust. I wouldn't ever put her in a high risk situation. I recognize that risk was present but risk is present every time a trigger is pulled. I will be filming from a go-pro camera now though so no one will have to be downrange ever again. I highly recommend go pro cameras.

Joseph Barney: I lost It on my motorcycle. Fell off my pocket. I have another one now. Everyone should have one.

Joseph Barney: Ballistics gel Is very messy to make but when it gets cooler in the area so the air temp matches I'll do a comparison of every .17HRM round I can find in my area. A couple manufactures are re-packaged Hornady ammo so I will not be comparing those.

Joseph Barney: yes. there's a wealthy man that lives in the area and lives to fly.

Joseph Barney: It's a rifle. A marlin 917V. I've given it a trigger job, a thumb-hole stock, and a 24X scope. 22" heavy barrel bolt action.

vampire847: what barrel length and was it pistol/revolver or a rifle?

Rocco 1050: do i hear aerial acrobatics in the background?

Shooter12point7: This is a cool video. If you're taking requests any time soon, I'd like to see CCI 20 grain FMJ, as well as 17 grain TNT Hollow Points in this same scenario. It would be interesting to fire one of every available load into a block or two of ballistic gel and see how they compare.

jared taylor: I am intirested now to see the results at 100 yards rather than just 50 yards. probably 30% to 50% narrower wound cavity but 30% to 50% deeper penitration would be my guess but just a guess is not very good science.
.17 HMR Ballistics Gel 5 out of 5

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.17 HMR Ballistics Gel