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Joshua Blake: Such an awesome rifle : compact, controlable, and adaptable. I am sure that USA will not use it as main military rifle. But This rifle is the best for urban combat. Oh and, Soviet weapon are really durable, but incontrolable and have a lack of attachment.

This Guy: @midnightsnakeboa soviet weapons beat all

EmperorHelix: Gotta love bullpup weapons.

Kaliko Foxtrot: @midnightsnakeboa the M16 and M4 did their job, you can't say it sucks just because it jams more than current day guns. Are you basing this on vietnam? because current day M4s and M16s dont jam as much, the only reason why it jammed a crapload back then was because the bold wasnt chrome plated, Soldiers didnt know that the gun needed to be cleaned, some soldiers modified the buffer spring to reduce the high rate of fire, and magazines were dented easily. do some research

chris powell: the m16 and m4 suck u have to clean the more than u get to use them.soon the HK416 will take it place.

ImthatAnimator: Recoil is not low because of that kitty can't hold the gun...

CMarchand41: Nice rifle. too bad the U.S. will never adopt a bullpup design.

Usov Serg: no it doesnt

Woohoopy: it appears to be

FatalFist: I hope they stick with it and modify it to convey the SCAR from Crysis since that's initially where Crysis borrowed it's design from.

FatalFist: For the first or second shots it seems. Even experienced persons get pushed back from a full auto shot.

SweetTomato: They say the recoil is actually very low on this gun.

thePavuk: it's not. G36 had lot of problems too. XM8 was great concept.

commommm: a little tiny bit stronger than m4

jchoo34: same thing...xm8 looks cooler thats all

HoBoMoBob: splinter cell... idiot

jdan007: no, a bad operator

Briggs1700: Waar was dit?

LolCats42: why are you all crazy for XM8 just use G36 its better..

Wotenkeld: I actually like the original scope. It is big enough so you dont have to squint and prevent eyelid/eyelash interference.
FN F2000 5 out of 5

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