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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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MeltedVideosHD: Not sure if Game or Movie... :) 
Chosen One: Do you sell one these heads of anakin ?
Shelby Chanel: @teree101 I dont think thats enough hair to donate.
John Beaird: I always hated the character of Apollo Creed in the Rocky Movies. Rocky 4 is my favorite (obviously). I never knew why until i found out who inspired his character. hmmm... Loud mouthed, Insulting, Egotistical, Misogynistic, Overbearing, and IGNORANT. They might as well have called Carl Weather's character Muhammad, not Apollo.
nathan prins: try more video games cause there are a lot who are half-Disney like -Disney universe -kingdom hearts -spectrobes
prevarant xboss: Decko imas use mnnnnn za rabota...inace sea za sea top ;) samo taka prodolzi ;) :)
Aaron Shawcross: Watching this on kindle fire HDX

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