Nikon D5200 Video Test

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Nikon D5200 Hands on Review. Test. Vergleich
The Nikon D5200  DSLR night time video test - youtube
The Nikon D5200 DSLR night time video test - youtube
Nikon D5200 Video Test
Nikon D5200 Video Test
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Nikon D5300 vs Nikon D5200 Video Test
Nikon D5200 - test. review [PL]
Nikon D5200 - test. review [PL]

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ehd2012: nice video, what lens did you used?

Dan Wipper: Its an amazing camera. The onboard mic is minimal and I'll be looking for a good external mic too. What mic did you get and how do you like it?

Dan Wipper: Why would you think that? Most of these cameras are producing very good quality video though the d5200 did raise the mark for others to shoot for.

Dan Wipper: The Nikon d5200 really that good and its amazing just how good the newest sensors are. The d5200s onboard microphone however is prone to wind noise as noted here though has a jack for an external mic. This camera lacks in some areas though the video and picture quality is best in its class.

Andrew Scott: Youtube gives you the option to make your video available in 3d even if it wasn't recorded in 3d.

Michael Chu: i think this isnt the d5200 unless they re-rendered it using 3d settings

Ivanski: I was watching video in 1080p because i thought that that's why i see that awful video quality in dark areas.... A THAT is D5200? To expensive for that quality....I thought to buy it but now.... i don't think so....

locomotive67: Hi what are your video settings please,program ,auto etc, 50i or 25p ,I have just bought 1 ,thanks

Mohd Arip: sound stereo clear

kenolson collin: Lol I bet all my money tat u were using auto

FuckYouBollywood: its bullcrap video quality! I BET THIS IS NOT D 5200!

craftwerkman: Nice! What lens was used?
Nikon D5200 video test 5 out of 5

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Nikon D5200 video test