Insane Dumbbell Chest Workout

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Insane Dumbbell Chest & Triceps Workout At Home - Insane Home Six Pack
Insane Dumbbell Chest & Triceps Workout At Home - Insane Home Six Pack
Home Chest Workout Routine - Best Dumbbell Exercises
Home Chest Workout Routine - Best Dumbbell Exercises
Top 5 Home Triceps Dumbbell Exercises
Top 5 Home Triceps Dumbbell Exercises
Home Chest Workout (NO WEIGHTS ALLOWED!!)
Home Chest Workout (NO WEIGHTS ALLOWED!!)

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Taufik Lukman: song name pleaseee

Lithira Sumeth Tharana: Thanks for your advice.It's very good for my Muscle Training.Thank you so much!!!

TheMultiModzz: How much do theses weigh??

azad mam: tHNx bro....

Lanksey: He makes it look so easy

UnseenCaller: Not bad but his pushups are not full travel. Not a bad workout. Mine is similar but simpler. I use 45 lb. dumbbells (slightly lighter than is 50s) and do 30+20+15+10 reps with a minute or so rest in between. Then I do 50 reps with 10 lb. bells to relax down. Works for me. Do them 3 times a week.

NakedCactus: the multisampling in the video killed me

Therrion ': Watching you do this made me hungry.

I need to get my priorities straight.

Mitchell Hart: worst pushups lol

antoine T: Hey guys! Love your vids I'm a new subscriber to your page and love it thus far, I am 6'6" and I'm very lean, this is the look I prefer but have never really been able to get the definition I want in my chest. The only problem I had with this was figuring out how much weight to use, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance Antoine

Jose Hernandez: do you squeeze ur shoulder blades together when you chest press?!?

tony “teezy” Legardy: I'm afraid to listen to this guy, I heard he is no good. Any recommendations??

Daily Rc: I feel it in the arms not the chest for some reason.

Andres Fontanez: I have a question. Is the dumbells he uses 50 lbs, or is it 100 lbs each? It says 50 each side, but its only 50 total right? I ask because I am only 155 lbs and he is way more jacked and swollen than me but I use 40 lb dumbells for 10-12 reps & they feel light to me. its hard for me to believe i am close to his chest strength with the dumbell im starting to think maybe he is holding 100 lb dumbell in each hand, im not sure- someone tell me the truthful answer

BkzReaper: when I have sex or simply Jerk off, I get a massive energy rush obviously I can keep going and continue to peak in terms of s3x but this massive energy rush helps me get through a day if I didn't sleep well the night before. I just feel like a beast that can do anything mode. no need for powder or juice when your body gives the natural juice in many ways to bulk up

armaan singh: see some people attitude, never reply any comment (Six Pack Shortcuts)

Zena Muhar: I do

rance smith: What's your body fat percentage?

Christian Kloos: are 5kg bells enough to see some result?

Lorne Abbett: I completed this before work today and this is an excellent workout. Thanks for your videos. They are excellent! This will be included in my workout.
Insane Dumbbell Chest Workout 5 out of 5

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Insane Dumbbell Chest Workout