Insane Dumbbell Chest Workout

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Insane Dumbbell Chest & Triceps Workout At Home - Insane Home Six Pack
Insane Dumbbell Chest & Triceps Workout At Home - Insane Home Six Pack
Home Chest Workout Routine - Best Dumbbell Exercises
Home Chest Workout Routine - Best Dumbbell Exercises
Top 5 Home Triceps Dumbbell Exercises
Top 5 Home Triceps Dumbbell Exercises
Home Chest And Triceps Workout
Home Chest And Triceps Workout
Home Chest Workout (NO WEIGHTS ALLOWED!!)
Home Chest Workout (NO WEIGHTS ALLOWED!!)

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Esamosir: yoo master is that ok if we do it every day?

Ryan Kelm: I don't really a burn in the middle of my chest but I know I'm doing it right

Mark Berry: Man, you look great and you are in fantastic shape! I'm from England, UK and am 24 and been going gym for more than 7 years, maybe 8. I'm not exactly big but I guess that is because I don't stay for as long as I should at the gym or lack motivation and don't complete a  full workout.Now it is 2016 I plan on really pushing myself to my limit and not giving up so easy, your videos have inspired me. keep up the good work Bro.

mikenike :P: From me trying the first to I was on fire thx for it but what if you have no upper body strength how many push ups would be enough

LosVicar: I thought you're supposed to look up when you do push ups

josh richardson: did 7 sets with 35s hardcore I did more tho afterwards

King Joffrey: Although this is pretty good, but one quick question. Does this affect height? especially if you're a teenager. Does it make you shorter? or affect your bones with it's growth on being a bit shorter? I honestly don't know how to explain it, but as a question, does it affect height?

Jimmy Vu: How tall are you Mike? Great video by the way!

Leif Hallgrimson: (no homo) Hahaha but keep up with what ur doing, it has helped me so much ;)

Leif Hallgrimson: Love you Mike!

Tanguy Sanchez: +SixPackShortcuts If i don't have a bench at home, can i do this on the floor ?

fitipaldibird: I know it's old video, but would this be appropriate for a female?

Kelly Barnett: Awesome workout mike, my chest are pumped after this workout. Thank you

M&DGaming: i have that chest when my chest bone is sticking out realy hard it is really a big problem for me does somebody have experience with that ?

RedExions: he sounds like xRpMx13...................

Miguel Beltran: I Googled chest works and stumbled across this one....I thought it was a joke....3 sets in and I'm the chest is cramping and dying....holy moly this is a great workout

NBoko Mwana: how much weight the first set, i can see the 2nd you are using 50 kg

Dax soccer: Alternative if no bench

KILLSgaming HD: If I have man boobs dose this help to lose it??

Michael Longsworth: does the workout also help the biceps?
Insane Dumbbell Chest Workout 5 out of 5

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Insane Dumbbell Chest Workout