Glock 19 With My Lava Rock Stippling

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Glock 19 with my Lava Rock Stippling
Glock 19 with my Lava Rock Stippling
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attheready: Nice job on the Glock. Looks very grippy indeed ! 

Lyle W: really nice work. seem some that are so ghetto, but this looks very good. well done.

cokc23p36: Very nice job - What other work do you do

Mario Rodriguez: How much do you charge 

VDMA VIDEOS - Guns and Shooting Videos: Nice video, thanks.

Clayton C: 3 minutes about the stupid camera, just get to the gun, duh.

Antonio Cole: Awesome work! Did you sand or smooth any of the factory texture around the finger grip and rear back strap?

James Pak: I love your work man! I just recently got a G19 and I am really wanting to make it look as nice as yours. I tried clicking on the link for information on how I can send in my gun. The link is no longer available? Is there a website I can check your company out?

curtis mcmaster: camera review or gun review really cant tell

Gabe D: Very nice. .

Edgar T: Is this a camera review. WTH

Ducati Midnight: Was joking with you but, since you have taken it personal I'll take my enquiry elsewhere. 

Kefton Williams: is there a part where you actually talk about the gun ??.......oh wait...finally here we go

RamRod Gunner: Excellent detail. 

jrg10332: Try stippling the bottom plate of the magazine and the sides. It gives you alot more of a purchase when grabbing the mags. Simple little mod, that I recommend doing whether you stipple the entire glock or not. You can always replace the bottom plate if you wanted to.

Ian H: skip to 2:30 and avoid camera info no one cares about

jpozenel: I thought this was going to be a gun video.

n kn: im not a big glock fan but wow i like the look of that it makes it fare more better 

Joe Roy: I subbed also

Andrea Smith: Shut up about ur camera!

Erick Solares: Its a fulcrum trigger from ZEV TECH

rico Lib: Yeah.. it gives a super secure grip... but its also one hell of a bacteria /blood etc trap! give a bit of thought to this point. Its just dandy at the range but how about in a real down and dirty action? Its just too much.. too many mini poison traps that can never be cleaned out. Too bad this guy ruined his gat. You must be able to wash the crap/stuff off the grip. 

Ducati Midnight: How much would this decreases re sale value ?? 

jrg10332: Have you tried to stipple a trigger yet? I did a Hi point trigger, because its a full smooth trigger. I have not done one of my Glocks yet. I wonder how well it would turn out.

Joe Roy: Dam fine job brother! Somtimes stippling looks like crap! And I hate it but that looks factory like it was done by a freakin robot! Great job I am going to ask my dad to stipple my glock his hands are way steadier and he's a hell of a carver. Wish I had the money to send it to you man. Don't mind the trolls bitching about the camera freak them

Nickl088: Vid starts at 2:28 unless you like cameras and such ;)

Gary Mayo: last action of making your Glock safe, is pulling the trigger in a safe direction, after you have done all the other things in making it safe. That way, you can see (and so can everyone else) the gun is not loaded. Nice work. 

D Cooper: how much to do this to my glock 19 & 17 ?

Skottrik dego: i thought i clicked on a stippling video!! to hell with that stupid camera!

lorenzo licon: 2:00 about a freak sony

Brian White: Shutup about your camera!

xRUIN87x: Awesome job man! I definitely want this on my glock!

Sal Cabron: 2:28 if you don't want to hear the camera bullcrap.

Ducati Midnight: This video about your gun or the dang camera

Brayden Maine: it is a great camera, picture quality is great

erieschl: Great work, tasteful and functional, dont really care about the camera review but the picture was great. Thankyou 

MKOPE3: Beautiful job and video quality man. But like Maverik brought up, did you sand down the factory grip texture on back and where fingers rest or did you smooth it at all before stippling? Thank you so much dude :)

Daniel Guerriero: Just forward to 2:26 to avoid the camera review.

William Liles: I nice gun 

DeathOn ThePrairie: a vid about stippling and this asshole rambles on for god knows how long about this fag camera

Smitty Werben Smitty Werben Yager Man Jensen: Im pretty sure that that is a Black Phantom Adjustable Trigger.

Shamrockrancher: OMG! How gay is that freaking red trigger safety? Holy crap.

SLINGSHOTandMOLOTOWS: nice job man!

Jeffrey Mayfield: This stippling looks clean as hell. Do you guys have a website?

Jeremy Tindle: Ready to have my 30 done, as soon as I get my taxes back.

linkin622: well done

MadJesusMinistries: Nice!

SinCityReview BHC SOLUTIONS: No, all my work is here on youtube. Here's our number for any price quotes and, if you have any questions. Just ask for Courtney, Shannon, or Jeremy. (702) 798-4570 Here's the address if you need to send in a gun. SinCityReview 5225 Wynn Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

SinCityReview BHC SOLUTIONS: I'm not sure the brand, I've grip taped over the name since I bought it. I was the sharpest point that came with it.
Glock 19 with my Lava Rock Stippling 3.7 out of 5

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Jake Piggott: Review Ronaldo or Gotze
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Glock 19 with my Lava Rock Stippling