Glock 19 With My Lava Rock Stippling

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Alex Escobar: Great stippling, looks very professional. It is to much to ask what kind of soldering tip did you use? Thank you in advance for your help. By the way, awesome camera.


Gurn Blanstein: Camera review or stippling video lol?... You don't have to do another video on the camera now you just did it.....Little bit of stippling video.....back to the camera..... STFU about the camera!

eckstream1: Nice work... How is your current backlog?

ISAEL GALARZA: How do get the outline so straight? Do you use a ruler of some sort?

Will prendergast: That stipple job is sick! Id love to see it on my 34

Chris Jenkins: Great job trolling in the video title. Thought I came for a stipple vid. You got me! Was a camera review!

fred brunetti: Very nice work

drewmorgan: Jeez why so many dislikes?

georgiaboy454: Awesome job!

Jefferson Smith: Dosed off during the camera review and missed the rest of the video!  I'll just find another one.

Xavier Lee: stunning, precise and very Professional

Michael McElhiney: You suck pickle and so does your camera.

Michael McElhiney: Shutup about your camera. 

XchaoticchaseX: What's on the end of the barrel? 

Jordan Hebert: I really like the lava rock look. have you ever tried the Gator scale or snake scale on a glock before? 

rolltide2570: I like your comments to all these folks wearing you out about your camera. Good job!

BRpunkRock: Great video quality, nice stipple job. subscribed.

UrbanArmed: Great job on that stippling that's exactly how I like mine too. Yeah does appear to be Glockworx trigger too. That's a bad ass looking pistol bro.great job on the stippling. Not sure why everyone is so butt hurt about the camera. The man got a new camera and was just talking about it for a minute. It's YouTube for Christ sake. Whatever man keep it up!
Glock 19 with my Lava Rock Stippling 5 out of 5

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BHUMI NAGDA: Gorgeous.... superWowstyle💗
julie ann tantiado: hahahaha waley,,kakatawa.ang ganda ni Yen sobra..
didokiuchukov: AHD done this 9 years ago :)
Calamity556: You guys are hilarious. Subbed.
Beezle TheTwizzle: I thought at first that you were deaf.
JohnCena158: wwe vs tna game plz
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Glock 19 with my Lava Rock Stippling