Glock 19 With My Lava Rock Stippling

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who dis: Great camera review!... Not

M. Worrell: Shut up with the camera chat!

Cliche Guevara: I live in Hawaii ..and that does look just like lava rock. hahaha

Matt B: did I click a camera review

james coulter: I'm curious if you dremeled the original grip surface off prior to stippling or just stippled over top. Looks awesome!

Antonio Palazzola: Did I freakin click on a camera review?

TheJawow: blah blah blah, camera camera gun camera camera blah blah blah

jakeharrison: Stippled his glock before it became mainstream xD

Ross Ginn: Sweet camera,,,,

NIGHTFOX: Nice camera, you get a pretty good job on the stippling and it's a ZEV trigger.

kelley ryan: right is this a camera video. did he forget to show how he did the grip or does he think it's proprietary lol

Robert Humphrey: yeah.  I didn't click on the video for the damn camera.  Im out.

ZIGMAN775: No not at least I GET to see the pistol. There are tons of these.
If I wanted to listen to someone talk I would go hang out with my freaking girlfriend.
And it's not cheap for your time? You can do this in an hour
Suck a big ol D

somerandom: Actual stippling video starts at 2:27
Glock doesn't make factory threaded barrels.
Looks like a ZEV trigger.

David Kilbourn: looks like a pyramid trigger

will i am oh yah: lol nice camera bro

Vincent Montgomery: how much do you charge for that exact style stippling

Spencer :harrison: Cool cam. jw have u ever done any " lava rock stippling " I hear it's nice

XxVeNoMxX: skip to 2:28 to actually get to the glock

Collin Shea: sexy glock
Glock 19 with my Lava Rock Stippling 5 out of 5

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who dis: Great camera review!... Not
Brenda Layne: That was an awesome example to help me with inviting.
래미귤: 님 계급이??
megacab109: Have you had the chance to put a 7.3l injection pump onto a stock 6.9l set up? Will it run to high idle on first fire up?
Bruno Milocchi: this was awesome! you just gained a sub! could you do it also for hulk?
Lynn Wolters: Hoe save je een video?
gina nguyen: A clown fish sea monster is actually kinda cute

Glock 19 with my Lava Rock Stippling