Glock 19 With My Lava Rock Stippling

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Glock 19 9mm with Grip Reduction. Stippled frame. & custom Cerakote
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Glock 30 SF .45 with Grip Reduction. Lava Rock Stippling. & Midnight Bronze Cerakote
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Glock 23 Grip Enhancements
Stippling Update
Stippling Update
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Collin Shea: sexy glock

thealize808: Do you stipple as a business or personal? 

yo mom: do you still do stippling work?

Forever modding: Nice job! Looks great !!!

Tyler Matyas: Hey, I had a customer ask about a style similar to this. Is it essentially done by using a finer point tip, less than normal pressure, and keeping very close dots?

Kyle Teeter: Good stipple job, but it would be smoother if you sanded everything down first and got a smooth surface to work with. Just by looking at it, I'm guessing you just stippled? Could be wrong. Just a tip if you don't. I stipple about 2-3 gun per week.

Kyle Teeter: It's a ZEV trigger...

cy “cvic14” vic: how much do u charge

Firstcc Lastcc: "I can't say enough about this camera" ..... Sure you can pickleclown, you already have

Agent Black: nobody cares about yur stooopid camera!

Shawn Ryan:

I'd greatly appreciate it

Shawn Ryan: hey, which Something Iron do you use? if you have a minute or two. can you please point out the best one for a complete notice on Amazon?

Anthony Pellegrino: Awesome work !!!! And that's a damn good camera too ! Trolls are gonna troll ! Again , Awesome work bud !!!

Ghost Of Skynet: I live out here as well looking to get a stipple job on my 43

Ghost Of Skynet: you're based out of vegas?

shawn: wear hear because the title says lava rock stippling not some bullcrap about the camera

Alex Escobar: Great stippling, looks very professional. It is to much to ask what kind of soldering tip did you use? Thank you in advance for your help. By the way, awesome camera.


Gurn Blanstein: Camera review or stippling video lol?... You don't have to do another video on the camera now you just did it.....Little bit of stippling video.....back to the camera..... STFU about the camera!
Glock 19 with my Lava Rock Stippling 5 out of 5

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San Man: This is spectacular! You earned an early subscriber with this. I also like the custom xyz stuff and of course the machinist work.
Trinity Jae: Charlotte I'm in Greensboro!!! We are only an 1' hour away

Glock 19 with my Lava Rock Stippling