The Becker BK7 Unbiased Review And Knife Test

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Seven Two: Are you gay?

Airik1111: Please get him one Chris with a modified choil so he can "Choke up" on it🤐

JGstunts22: what you do for cold steel srk or a becker

JGstunts22: love this channel but man I can't stand that other guy dont ever have him on here again please

paulie 4x: Say Heah Chris and will, I teamed my BK-9 with the BK-10 Crewmen, A lovely piece of kit, But my Fav. 7" knife is my Rodent 7, Aces. ,, .

Dustin Rhinehart: Chris, based on your knowledge and input which blade would you suggest as a companion blade for the BK7.....#1 the BK11 Becker Necker or #2 the BK13 Remora?

Adrian Wolf: wich BK Knife is the Best for Survival and Outdoors ?? one BK who can do everything in outdoors and survival , a knife for life ?

Adrian Wolf: ok , very good survival knife , good video aswel :)

Chubby Grape: What type of grip tape do u use on ur bk7

Gumbo Thundereagle: More base in voice than normal... Are you sad.... Tired? We'll be blessed in all your endeavors and bless the family

Rising Awareness: Why do you strip the powder coating off?

ritesideofthefence 58: Chris ,how do you feel this knife compares to a Grayman Mega Pounder 7" ?

Rick Tunnissen: Why you don't put the micarta handle scales on?

SmokyMountainOutdoorsman: You ever take a look at the Buck Hoodlum? It's a very good all around knife and still quite large. You might consider review it.

only1timeful: i want this knife!!

jimmy jones: i think one of thee best knives for survival and any thing you want it to do is the tom brown tracker you can get it from amazon for around 200 bucks but its so worth it

Yail Bloor: I recommend this knife to all beginning campers/survivalists/preppers etc and cite this video as an example.

Caleb Thomas: I bet if you gave Will a bk10 he would hand over his plsk-1.

Sidewayyys: "choke up" x2235567887543215890753227

sanoe1986: hey man. was wondering if you had a bk2 review. im looking for a smaller knife for finer tasks. LOVE the bk series. i do like your review process. sooo....bk2 review?
The Becker BK7 Unbiased Review and Knife Test 5 out of 5

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Seven Two: Are you gay?
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The Becker BK7 Unbiased Review and Knife Test