The Becker BK7 Unbiased Review And Knife Test

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Rick Tunnissen: Why you don't put the micarta handle scales on?

SmokyMountainOutdoorsman: You ever take a look at the Buck Hoodlum? It's a very good all around knife and still quite large. You might consider review it.

only1timeful: i want this knife!!

jimmy jones: i think one of thee best knives for survival and any thing you want it to do is the tom brown tracker you can get it from amazon for around 200 bucks but its so worth it

Yail Bloor: I recommend this knife to all beginning campers/survivalists/preppers etc and cite this video as an example.

Caleb Thomas: I bet if you gave Will a bk10 he would hand over his plsk-1.

Sidewayyys: "choke up" x2235567887543215890753227

sanoe1986: hey man. was wondering if you had a bk2 review. im looking for a smaller knife for finer tasks. LOVE the bk series. i do like your review process. sooo....bk2 review?

paulie 4x: Oops No_Good_Namez

paulie 4x: Thanx No Names, , , Kewl Beanz Huh

severecracker: I don't always agree with you, but I have a BK7 and love it. sheath sucks. It even came with a smaller companion knife in the sheath.
 I really enjoy your videos, your self correcting as you go, are hilarious. I am subscribing.

Matt Rham: do you sharpen your bk7 with the work sharp

Nate Jacobson: I never knew you were in the Navy, thank you!
I am enlisting into the Marines after high school, which would be the best knife to carry? 

DragonSlayer2014: I live in a wet, hot, steamy, swampy environment. How well would those knives hold up in a wet environment?  My go-to knife for the past 25 years has been the original Gerber LMF back when they still made very good knives. The LMF has held up extremely well, but I found out that these things are considered to be collectibles now so I am going to retire it and find a new go-to knife. So far the BK7 is on the top of my list. BTW, I did find one BK7 fail on youtube when I did the search, but the guy said they sent him a new one.

Axyoes: i have to thank you chris, if i never found your videos i wouldn't have ever gotten such an awesome knife, i got one and i love it

Leith Outdoors: man that knife is a beast!

Knives and More: Thx for telling me to get a bk7 one of the best knives ever

Aedans Outdoors: how did you take the coating off i here'd if you dunk it in paint stripper it works

paulie 4x: Yup Chris great knife, I paired it off with my BK-17 and because it is a bit lite V to chop with, I added the Ka-Bar Swabbie to this pair and now it just doesn't look great as they all three match eachother but they are very functional, I'm surprised you never got into reviewing the Ka-Bar Swabbie and the Zomstro they too are the 1095 CroVan Steel and at great prices those two are alot of knife for the money, I also got my Rodent 6 which I had the top gaurd taken off and now it look's like a beefy Ratmandu and I had it thinned down at the Swamp Rat Custom Shop that day in the morning mail I got my Stromengs the KS. 9, the KS. 5 and the Buhku (LIL) STAK which is a Puukku I got them at Ragweed Forge at a great price as soon as the weather gets into the 20°F I will be going out for a test drive I need to have a hot cup of coffee on the open fire great review take care and be safe.

supersonic knockout: bk7 vs Tops steel eagle 107E ?
The Becker BK7 Unbiased Review and Knife Test 5 out of 5

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The Becker BK7 Unbiased Review and Knife Test