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nathan deberry: You now what there was a missed opportunity there they could have had a dark sonic when sonic repeated the word limit but thats just me
XaRoPuls3: I need to know where you got this red clock!! Need this help!???
Jason Valadez: I wish I was that bike seat just for that scene
ochayedonald: @BlackBladeInc IM GONNA HUNT YOU DOWN AND oh wait. Na, it's totally fine! Infact I'm glad. Spread the word, the robot word : )
Dani Betting: thunderdrum is here?!
Fae: I think all the endings are spectacular. But I think Zoeys/Tuesdays ending is pretty awesome because she gets to be with Zoey and train her. And at least Jodie will have some company, and it won't be that difficult for Zoey growing up with an entity. I feel bad for Ryan though I was starting to like him towards the end. The only downside is that Jodie had to sacrifice Aiden in Zoeys ending, and I think after what Aiden had done for her, she should repay him. But I guess if you choose the any other ending at least you have Aiden back. If you still want Aiden i think the best ending would be the Ryan one. It's actually a difficult choice to make between the two. I totally love this game, can't wait for the prequel. You should watch PewDiePie play it, he's so amazing, I enjoyed all his story based walk through(and his normal crazy videos) , especially Heavy Rain, and The Last of Us. ♥♥♥ *brofisft*
Chrizkellan: One of the best Argento films, the best is obviously "Profondo Rosso"

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