Yunker 3 Mit Power-Kit VS. Glasbaustein (Klein) (CO2 AK74M)

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Cpl. Red: вы что вобще тупые это АКС-74 а не АК-74М!!!!!

Константин Душко: Rifle with this tuning kit has starting bullet speed about 200 m/s. For example this rifle in stock has starting bullet speed about 70-100 m/s. Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Ukraine.

Константин Душко: This rifle is modified by Ukrainian tuning studio AGM (air gun mod). Also there installed scope from SVD PSO-1. 

Paul Shmit: Блять такая оптика на СВД стоит

gtafs3: wie stark ist die waffe denn ??

tobasco224: funny idiot ! :D

O2ACrew: make love not war !

RollercoasterFreak3: lol, you are breathing quite hard.

sexybiatch0007: häßleon socken

ComradPaco: Why did he show the sock? :D

cube234: eher was für die vitrine sieht gut aus man trifft aber nix da hilft auch kein zf

25Robbo25: Where can I buy the power kit?

abdur88: What does the power kit mean? And how does it work? 5 stars!

hiberNative: import from germany

3dpcgamer: where did you get this gun? plz answer

hiberNative: i wish you would type in english. i just got a yunker myself. thinking about putting up a video :P
Yunker 3 mit Power-Kit VS. Glasbaustein (Klein) (CO2 AK74M) 5 out of 5

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Yunker 3 mit Power-Kit VS. Glasbaustein (Klein) (CO2 AK74M)