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How To Get a FREE BRONZE PACK in Miscrits SK and VI
How To Get a FREE BRONZE PACK in Miscrits SK and VI
Miscrits #109 - Free Bronze Pack For Blazeweaver
Miscrits #109 - Free Bronze Pack For Blazeweaver
Miscrits - Free Bronze Pack! [Expired]
Miscrits - Free Bronze Pack! [Expired]
Miscrits SK/VI free Bronze Pack
Miscrits SK/VI free Bronze Pack
Miscrits Free Bronze Pack 2014 latest link Reward
Miscrits Free Bronze Pack 2014 latest link Reward

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Mirza Farzana: I don't have the bronze pack :(

That Asian Guy: Omg I Got Ekinda And PangoLeaf

Ahmed Messi: thnx pro i took toothy and wiggle

krisna dhira: thank

De Stroyed: On the Forums. (Miscrits.Com)

Kingsley Choong: how to asking BBS ???????????

De Stroyed: Yes.

getodre: is it free

eashaan pratap singh: thanks u r the best i got zimbabo light tectonyx dark quibble and oxo

Ryan Peñaflorida: thanz i got foil liquifien,and the best part is i defeated fire elementum.:D ADD ME

Igor Mitrovic: lyerogryph is the best of that 4

Dejan Novakovic: tnx man you are awsome :D

justin es: where i searh that'

natsu dragneel: boltzee is awesome

BardockLdss: Lyeopryph is good

Farhan Parekh: yess i got awesome and cool miscrits i got equestron crabbles blowerine opigum

kondzioxd3d: it's work !!!

King Griffey: how many can u get

De Stroyed: OK let me get this straight. For some reason it doesn't work for some people.Im sorry but there is nothing i can do i tried replacing and fixing the link but it just isn't working im sorry. You can always try asking BBS to give you a new link.Even if it won't work cuz they will never reply to such massages sadly..

David Satria: nothing happened
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mobrage: As a non American, I find the idea of gun based home defense very troubling. Do that many Americans really feel that they are endangered in their own homes, that they need to get a gun? 
Watching all the videos one would think the US is on a brink of a civil war, with violent criminal or paramilitary violence justifying the gun craze. I just can't understand the commotion.
All that said, I still am amazed by firearms, though I do not own one. I think it's similar to people loving cars, or any other feats ad artifacts of engineering. I just don't get the arguments the US citizens use to justify having a collection of rifles, reasoning that they might need them sometime to protect their homes from attack.
The way I see it, when it comes to home protection, you are much better suited with a watchdog, an alarm system and (should the worst come to pass) an axe, the use of which probably takes as much skill and guts as firing a gun.

Romina Nardini: Ciao cara :) nuova iscritta....meno male una youtuber italiana che fa video cn un bello sfondo! Ma quanto viaggi!!??? Brava! La mia è tt invidia :D ciaoooooo
John Jordan: Is Gutterball and Gutterball 3D the same game?
Kent Kollath: 2:12 the apex??? its a polaris.
Norman Naufffts: Like Share Subscribed
The Careless Motion: ugh...my girlfriend dragged me to go see that...it SUCKEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD...
Sahibjeet singh heer: watch on coolpad note 3 lite :)

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