Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone Review

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Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone Review
Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone Review
Review   Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone [HD]
Review  Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone [HD]
Shure PG27. PG42 & X2u USB Microphone Review
Shure PG27. PG42 & X2u USB Microphone Review
Микрофон SHURE PG42 Condenser Microphone Review
Микрофон SHURE PG42 Condenser Microphone Review
Shure PG42 USB Unboxing and Review
Shure PG42 USB Unboxing and Review

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Jasmin Vance: I own the phantom power version and mine picks up so much back ground noise even with the roll off on. any suggestions?

AxeL: You think this moc spunds better than MXL usb.009 and Blue Spark? :)

Shiraz: Can i use this kind of microphone on a gaming computer? I ve the shure pg 27 xlr

X350: This mic has been discontinued unfortunately. You won't be able to find the USB version for less than $500. Trust me, I've tried.

Don Edward Hilario OFFICIAL YouTube Page: you are very talented person...keep it up :)

D. Graham: Also, You are amazing at piano lol.

D. Graham: You should use it for your actual review videos because its a lot better then your main one..

Kreeper: Whats a reliable website where I can buy this for less than $200? Anyone know?

Parody Time: I heard his voice and I I thought he was a man. Then, I saw his face and he was just a child. After that, he played the piano and he became almost a man again. But then he said ( in final summation) twice and I realised he was still a little boy who just wants his blankie. hahah bad joke. This was an excellent review and I will be getting one of these soon. Thanks!

Sling Waist: is this better than audio technical and blue yeti ??

Kirk: Excellent piano skills!

Ragatokk: Please tell me how to remove the background static I get when I plug it in to the computer.

Aldo Miguel Paz fernandez: Tengo un PG42usb Made in China, Is genuine or false?

Blackout DJ: I've owned it before,getting ready to re own it !!!!!!! this mic is the TOP BEST I've ever bought and i once bought one from mxl for 300 dollars that was nothing compared to this !

Jose Perez: good for heavy vocal?

Ana Shi: Hi! Is it possible to use this Shure PG24 mic to Ipad?

Tzobra: Great demo! Thanx!

Joshuanadon: People, Jacksepticeye uses this microphone, and it doesn't clip when he shouts, success!

Rock&Roll: Problem with usb microphone is that you can not use it with a mixer, there is nothing between the micro and the the computer.

Shona Aldin: meow I play drums ^.^ I tried playing the piano but couldn't get the hang of the foot peddles id think im playing the drums and be to rough... I play a lot of ark survival evolved and gmod if im whispering at one second to try be quiate at 3 am then suddenly shout because im getting rdm'd or something would it try and make my shout quite or just let my friends bleed through the ears?
Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone Review 5 out of 5

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Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone Review