Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone Review

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Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone Review
Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone Review
Review   Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone [HD]
Review  Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone [HD]
Shure PG27. PG42 & X2u USB Microphone Review
Shure PG27. PG42 & X2u USB Microphone Review
Микрофон SHURE PG42 Condenser Microphone Review
Микрофон SHURE PG42 Condenser Microphone Review
Shure PG42 usb condenser microphone unboxing!!!
Shure PG42 usb condenser microphone unboxing!!!

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Shona Aldin: meow I play drums ^.^ I tried playing the piano but couldn't get the hang of the foot peddles id think im playing the drums and be to rough... I play a lot of ark survival evolved and gmod if im whispering at one second to try be quiate at 3 am then suddenly shout because im getting rdm'd or something would it try and make my shout quite or just let my friends bleed through the ears?

Mechacaseal: terrible quality in top end rofl

Nicholaus Thomas: How would you record a video with the shure pg42 USB mic and a windows computer?

SaRA LuNA: Could anyone helps me to get this or the Shure PG27 online :/ plz I really need to buy one soon ! 

Amit Cohen: What was the melody you were playing on the piano called?

Zoibok: What mike should I buy? I am looking for one that is cheap and pretty good for gaming and talking.

Li Fang Ooi: I have bought this microphone for my voice over recording. The output is supposed to be a crystal clear voice even though you did the recording in the room like what we saw in this video,right? I tried to use it for the recording in my room which is located on 6th floor.  The microphone seems to be too sensitive with the noise which is far from my recording location. I can hear the noise of bikes and cars which are moving at the 1st floor. Any suggested solution?

MMRProductions: Blue yeti or this?

Krispy MCMuffin: "only 200 dollars for the microphone" FACEPALM

Justin Nguyen: Speaking of audio, I think your audio is clipping in the video because I'm getting a bit of distortion once you get louder.

DJ Marc Antomattei: Great review and music test but you forgot one key thing.  You didn't use a pop filter in any of these test.

As De Espadas: should i buy this or the pg27 USB, I´ve heard they are both really good, but which is better and why?


metalheadneji: You're a great pianist.

Jesus Fontánez: recomendation Blue Spark or this one ?

ascalon132: $120?? i can only find the non USB version for 200, USB is at 250, was there some sale i didn't know about??

Michael L.: The high pass filter doesn't really decrease noise, it simply rolls off the bottom end of the frequency response. This can help eliminate some rumbles, but background noises, like a crowd, won't really be affected much. It's not a noise gate.

halo99yo: Can you use the pg42-usb while gaming or skyping?

Mohamed GadAllah: Thanks for your review.
I need a usb microphone for only vocal voice.
I've a quiet place and will use something like a hand made booth.
I will only use the microphone for two  purposes :-
1) commenting on my educational screen casting video tutorials (like sal khan => khan academy).
2) recording audio books.
I am looking for the best microphone for these two purposes and will not use any XLR and will never do any music or singing performance.
So I would like to buy something for the long run usage and for only once (I am considering it as an investment).
Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone Review 5 out of 5

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Shure PG42 USB Condenser Microphone Review