DIY Upcycled Denim Backpack

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DIY Upcycled Denim Backpack
DIY Upcycled Denim Backpack
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Trayne1837: Backpacks are so expensive... and well, I saw this and the "light went on"... I think I am going to make my grandkids each one for school , probably do some cool art work on them to personalize them... or maybe sew on a few patches... I love the idea of recycling old jeans, and other fabric... Thanks for the great and easy to follow tutorial

Calvena Ainsworth: I took a belt loop off the old jeans and sewed it onto the back near the top so you can hang the backpack from a hook! Looks cute!

Holly Hubert: Cute idea for young girls learning how to sew

王灵鑫: This is good and l like it so much.But,it is a bit difficult.However, thank you for uploading.

yssa suerte: my daughter had a recycle project. and i dont know what to do,, but when i saw your video and watch it i got a great idea to make a backpack for her... thank you and god bless.. your great.. 

Put Your Geek On: Yes, I was looking for a jeans transformation DIY and this is the best one. I just need to buy a sewing machine, now. Thanks for sharing this DIY!

Yanna Michaelides: I made one on Sunday evening. I am going to make another one today

Claire Mensch: This is cool but my mom won't let me cut my jeans 😂

Manyata Kumar: that was soo cool! thanks! i am definitely gonna try that out! :D

joy marielle due: I am going to try this at home. :D

Gypsi Reign: I thought she did a wonderful job with this tutorial and creating the pattern from nothing. It is super cute.

Annette Herrera: Please please do a diy video on how to create your own sandal-boots. I am needing some directions on how to make Jeans sandal-boots (knee height and or ankle height. Thanks again. PS The sandal-boots are to GO with the backpack 

Deija-Marie Cooper: Omg love the idea. I wish I knew how to sew. 

manjunath n.s: how to mkae a earing box

Anette Åsgård: That is amazing! There is nothing asians can't do. 

ayachi amira: I don't have a machine

arctictragedy: i want to do this but i don't know the measurements of everything? Does anyone know the measurements? i want to be exact before i make this! The measurement she used on this backpack is perfect!

Smeuncdiyc Senn: I want you to do a diy shirts without printing anything . 

yao du: how long is the process ?

Azuru Whitney: pls can u make an upcycled denim to denim jacket

carmen feng: i would totally sew one but that means i have to do it by hand....

kızlara dair herşey: you are realy good in dıy :D

Etay Aviv: Show how to make a jacket please 

Pa Lee: I been watching your videos for so long now! But i still can't afford a sewing machine. lol.

Anis Natasha: Can you make a video on how to make a denim drawstring bag? 

Rosa Reyes: Can you make a video without the zipper? I don't know where to find any and I don't have a way to go and buy it anyways, so if you could make a video without it id really appreciate it!

huong Nguyen: What size were the jeans?

Ei Ar: This is coool.. Thanks for sharing..

Harrison S: Galaxy and leather backpack

Ritika kanojia: supeeerb thanx alot dear...!! will try

Sana Wafayee: Really good Idea Can u make DIY note book covers :)

Sonia Trott: Nice video TFS!

ambrozalia: this is so cool i am totally gonna try it as soon as i will find some oversized jeans in trift store!!!

Marius van Witzenburg: Nice idea, thanks for sharing. I love the idea of recycling my old jeans as a simple backpack :-)

ana rivera: You are so talented girl!:)

Sam_F: aaaaaawesome

ImperfectAprxl: I'm also. April :)

c fedyszyn: Very nice video. Nicely done.

Jasmine Nichols: i think you should try makeing a tutorial of like... idk gloves and wallet purse idk but you really cool

Abby Toocuteforu Spence: write ur name on ur backpack

joanna miranda: You should do a tutorial about a purse made out of jeans (:

khemintra wu: i think it so fast but your bag is beautiful

nyakuramba sonia: This is so awesome. can you make a tutorial on how to make a pencil case thanks. Love you xx

Rachel A.: I think this idea is awesome! You have a God given talent, but I wish u cld also do DIY's like decor or supplies.

Nayanika Singharay: its beautiful .......


Breanna Goldstein: This is literally the cutest thing I've ever seen

Karolina Wneta: 0overall shorts plzzzzzz

Femke Lammens: do you need a special needle for jeans?

McKenna Morgan: I need to know how to use my grandmothers old sewing machine 
DIY Upcycled Denim Backpack 5 out of 5

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DIY Upcycled Denim Backpack