DIY Upcycled Denim Backpack

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CosKimmy: i made this by hand and i had so much fun!

Claire Mensch: This is cool but my mom won't let me cut my jeans 😂

Iluvbubblet123: can you do overalls?

Hadar Styles: How to enter books, while you dont have a school locker|?

Petrified Bubble: This is awesome. c: But if I did it, it'd end in disaster. D: Still fun to watch, though. <3

Hannie Lê: its soooooo cooool :D 

Richy James: Hey april im from uk and was wondering could you do a mens faux leather messenger bag or gym bag ... They are like a hand bag with the 2 handles i really want to make one :( 

Mika Chan Sailor: seeing this tutorial makes me want to make a backpack staright away! great work April!! 

MsSignedUp: Can somebody please tell me the name of the song that is playing in the background? :)

czarlenex: Now I'm full of regrets! Why didn't I make this bag for my bag project. At the moment I'm making a tiny purse bag that doesn't even look good and when I saw this video I was like 'why! Why!' 

Eagleeyeshopper1: Great idea but, it seems you have to know what your doing to pull this off. My sewing skills are nit up to par with yours, lol! You did a great job! Kudos!

BubblesM: Oh it's so pretty! I'm so doing one of these for summer : )

Katie Kitten: Holy pickle this is cool....

Yesmel Pena: omg this is so cool! <3

Sandra Saga: Wow i try it

AshleysDiary98: I would love to do this DIY but I'm bad at sewing so I'm gonna tell my mom to do it xD <3 

Divine Yowane: Amazing xD

Trayne1837: Backpacks are so expensive... and well, I saw this and the "light went on"... I think I am going to make my grandkids each one for school , probably do some cool art work on them to personalize them... or maybe sew on a few patches... I love the idea of recycling old jeans, and other fabric... Thanks for the great and easy to follow tutorial

zheahra: You're super cool. I have a pair of capris I just cut up to make a skirt. That didn't go well. As we know, mistakes can lead us to other ideas. Voila!!!! This DIY is perfect come back from a setback. Hey!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!

Shadia Islam: how old are u?

Hope Hooper: So adorable!

Ambar Vera: I loved the tutorial. I was wondering if maybe the front pockets could be sewn to one or both sides of the backpack to give more pockets, and if so how would that be done? Please let me know. I would live to try it. Thank you 😊 

Andrea Vicens: I love that you make everything from scratch :)

Carissa Reese: Hi April! I love this video (: I have always loved denim backpacks and I even thought of getting one a while back! Good job! I also like your snowflake pajama pants (:

shanee220: April you rock because I have honest to god been looking for tutorials over the past year for a day jesan book bag you saved my brain with this lol :-) thank you and the bag is super cute

Mishel Khan: Literally SO COOL

Mary W: Oh my gosh! Thank you! I recently tore my jeans, and was looking for a way to make a backpack that DIDN'T look tacky out of them :3 Love this! 

Amber moore: I dont know if this silly or not ... Can you turn jean to a high heel or boots or shoes ? ( with out sew it or sew it i dont really cares) can you?

Noviosity: Is your name April coo? Just asking...cause if you spell your channel name back words it's aprilooc.

Angelo Baca: This is such a cool idea! I think I'm gonna try to make a fanny pack and a knapsack/rucksack, too. Thanks!

putri inggrid: is this strong enough to put some books or some stuffs?

Rbeautyme: i made one but at the top because of the things inside it made the top square and the rounded bit was kinda like floppy so it had a funny shape ... if there wasnt anything inside it looked really good ... can you help with this ?

Vivienne Tran: I made this but with black fabric and lining. The pocket was covered in white lace. Looked pretty cool. 

FashionForever071: does it matters the size of the pants??

Ruby Diamonds: That's really cool, I'm gonna try it! thanks for the tutorial

Ciara Chang: You are just a bad ass! I love your work girl!♡♥♡♥♡♥

UnnoticeableGirl: What is a top stitch?

Lowzenza: where do you guys learn to use a sewing machine...I've been looking for a place to learn =/

Suying DIY: It is a good idea, the problem of this backpack is that you can't put lots of things, I cant use it for school because it will break. :/ 

Madeleine Machado: Could you make it with a shirt? I have an old shirt and thought of this video.

x o: i just noticed that your username has your name spelled backwards in it 

Bunny Valourne: IM DOIN IT. But I don't have a sewing machine so

jeyproductions aka youcantleavethisempty: this idea is the best. maybe you could add always which type of sewing I have to choose on the machine. (zick zack or straight...)

SrBayBii: more upcycled denim tutorials! I have alot of jean material left over from cutting jeans into shorts, could you make some tutorials or give ideas on what to do with the legs?

Grace Anne Gandy: Ok this is my new all time favorite DIY, I have millions of old jeans and no school pack so this is just perf! 

Glamerous Gal: Wow that's so nice and creative !!!

dania mushasha: COOL

Diy Daisy: kinda confusing at first but now I got it

Femke Lammens: do you need a special needle for jeans?

Deborah Spence: write ur name on ur backpack
DIY Upcycled Denim Backpack 5 out of 5

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DIY Upcycled Denim Backpack