DIY Upcycled Denim Backpack

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Sandra Saga: Wow i try it

BubblesM: Oh it's so pretty! I'm so doing one of these for summer : )

Danielle Barrett: +coollirpa can u use a button instead of a skipper.

CosKimmy: i made this by hand and i had so much fun!

MsSignedUp: Can somebody please tell me the name of the song that is playing in the background? :)

Jary Lunna: YOU ARE FABULOUS !!!!!!!!!!

dag1937: you did a good job

musicgirl310: What size zipper did you use and can you use?

Atmaja Sharma: Awesome ... I m soo doing this!!!!!!:):):):):):);)

Malika Ibragimova: The best video that I've seen

Fatema Baghdadi: how old are you you actually appear really young like 12 years (no offence just asking)

ruby soto: Best one yet I loved the idea I want to try it

May Chappell: girl you are super thrifty!!

Amberdena Janelle: Wow that was really cool!

winnie lai: The bag is so cute!! *^^*

chi chachi: Pretty cool, Good Job! ;)

Blue star magic: Cool!

Yshi Perez: denim shorts

Irene Sp: awesome,but could you please show us how to make a "long sleeve denim jacket" out of old jeans pleeease!!:) -plz thumbs up so she see it <3

HelloKeyy: this is the coolest thing ever . how do you come up with this ? lol . 

Sele S: this is so cool!!! i'm so pinning this tuto xD could you make a kind of canvas backpack? the ones with the drawstring and a lid xD i love them but i can't find a free pattern or tutorial good enough to make one of my own.. please!? ^_^

Solema Campbell: do you ever post the pdf of your patterns

Elizabeth Rennick: I misjudged you the other day I am really sorry for what I said you are very clever

nicole petruka: animal hats with mittens attached

Humpty Dumpty: I love that idea!! :) Will surely try it!! :)

Jessi K: Shorts or jumpsuit!

lyfeafta30: So cool I'm going to do this with my kids

Holly Lin: Can you hand sew the zipper instead of using a machine?

amber styles: Diy shorts??? How to make bows???

Alyssa Rockwell: I cant watch it. Grr. Cause of turtlenet. :( 

neeha glee: Thats so damn creative. Thanks a ton for sharing such a wonderful video. :-)

Malorie Ramirez: Where do u get the zipper 

FashionForever071: does it matters the size of the pants??

Lexi Lutz: 😀

dimple prakash: instead of doing so much of hard work........ i'll buy a new one


Dominyka Ruskevicute: Im making it right now :D

Emma Sophii: i cant do it never but cool xoxo

Chloe Thorpe: Please do a how to make overall shorts!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Benjamin: you are really good.

ashmeetaaa: talented!

Madeleine Machado: Could you make it with a shirt? I have an old shirt and thought of this video.

8nbailey: Great idea, I'm going to make one for each of my kids and let them decorate their own backpacks!!! You're very smart and did a great job keep up the great worm sweetie!

Arielle Mac Arthur: Just got a new channel! Check it out and SUBSCRIBE AND I WILL SUBSCRIBE BACK IMMEDIATELY!!

ana esther vasquez salomon: I Love it♥

Anna C.: What sewing machine did you use?

Jadey Mixer: What size is the pants?

Rbeautyme: i made one but at the top because of the things inside it made the top square and the rounded bit was kinda like floppy so it had a funny shape ... if there wasnt anything inside it looked really good ... can you help with this ?

Vivienne Tran: I made this but with black fabric and lining. The pocket was covered in white lace. Looked pretty cool. 

Idakoos: It is a great idea, I will try
DIY Upcycled Denim Backpack 5 out of 5

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DIY Upcycled Denim Backpack