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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Dawnandlo: Do you need two lights to make the patterns on the walls like you've done here, or would one work?
Yuki Cross: After picture?
David Hernandez: Damn good vid
Recon master: Benkeys eyes at 13:30 so funny 
koop1969: You know the best thing to add to any Glock?, yea, ammo, maybe other things if your handicapped.
ShokoLied: crap i just realized something, i am using a SLI "ready" mobo, does that make it impossible to use the 4850, or does it just mean i cant go crossfire? I would think I could still run a ATI card because its the same slot PCI-E x16. oh god please tell me im right, if i half to get another mobo right after buying a 200$ one, this will suck bad <.<
1aundulxaldin: Our wacky pair of Heroes of the galaxy kick-start another Bit adventure by volunteering to help President- I mean, EX-President Qwark who was reassigned to Q-Force private Sector Patrolling to defend Galactic Tower defense nodes from an Old threat from their past adventures, who kind of really has it out for Qwark's throat. And neck. And Butt-shaped chin thing. Who is he? And why does he hate Qwark so much? And WHY did this have to be another Multi-player game? 

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