Torture Test- ATI OMNI Polymer AR15 Lower

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ben Thomas: you cant even see the serial number XD

Tony Lay: The same thing will happen with a metal one. I have seen several military M16s and M4 ran over in my 30 years in the Military. It is not a pretty sight. The New Omni lowers are also reinforced with metal at weak points and come with a lifetime warranty. I am sure the warranty does not cover running over them or burning them.  Your torture test is the equivalent of running your truck off a 100 foot bridge and then saying it is bad because it crushed the truck!

ARAKBuilder: have you tried the same test with a forged aluminum lower?

Jerry Craine: Glad I didn't buy one thanks!

SouthernCaliWOOD909: Your video saved me from buying the omni...I will spend the extra $100 on the smith and wesson m&p 15...

CHOOTER'S: Have you looked at updated omni lower? Just curious. Was considering a polymer lower, but after this video I'm running scared hahaha

Keith Whisman: I want a polymer upper. You can get a lower, magazine, stocks, and hand guards in polymer, when can I have my polymer upper?

Andrew Chaconas: I have an ATI omni hybrid carbine ive put about 3000 rounds trhough it with zero malfunctions 

HRGiger88: Was this from when they first came out? I think they were strictly polymer at that point. I could be wrong but i think they upgraded it and it now has metal inserts to make it much stronger at those weak points. Does anyone know?

Paul Foster: Awesome video!

altops: I've had my Plum Crazy Lowers for 7 years with no complaints even the plastic trigger group still works just used last sat to shoot up a salvage car.

Edward M: Ever do this test , or similar , with an aluminum one ?

porrsmurfen: Wow, this dude is so cool for throwing that reciever at his car. Dents and scratches don't phase Pvt. Pyle here one bit!

108johnny: Just saved me from wasting my money- thanks for the video!

RElover22: Thanks for the video. I was concerned with the durability of one of these polymer lowers and you proved my concern was right.

Jo Sanchez: all us gun lovin muthalovers know polymer for a lower could not be as reliable as metal lowers. p-p-period!
awesome vid though! 

MrDeathd: answered my question

Aces Up: You really shouldn't worry about breaking the polymer lowers... little bit of super glue, everything will be all right. Maybe you could stuff a tube up in the grip with the spare batteries or tactical snacks................

Adam Darnell: so ive seen your video, you like the New Frontier Armory Lower, but the ATI OMNI is junk? still reccomend the LW-15??

Finesseboxing: lol...this was too funny...cudos
Torture Test- ATI OMNI Polymer AR15 Lower 5 out of 5

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Torture Test- ATI OMNI Polymer AR15 Lower