Torture Test- ATI OMNI Polymer AR15 Lower

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Jorge Garcia: Very hard to watch. In any case, not very scientific. With this video's logic, I guess if your land rover, tahoe or camry run off a 500 foot rock cliff, and they don't run afterwards, then they must suck and you shouldn't buy them. Oh, well, free country, at least.

JeremiahPTTN: Can't even pronounce polymer. Sigh. On to the next vid

SilentWolfArmament: It's not a truck. It's an SUV

tcrouch51322: kind of a waist bud! i get your point but really they run pretty well man.!

Jay Babcock: Dumb video. Build one, run several thousand rounds through it and then tell us how it holds up. This crap about driving over it dragging it and other crap is just stupid.

Jay Babcock: This has to be one of the dumbest videos I have seen. Along with idiots who shoot their mags and guns to see if it damages them. Dumb people with too much time.

Klint Waters: Polly-Meer

Colin Schroyer: For real though people come to reviews to see real life situations not this garbage.

Tom Wronski: I hit thumbs down and then lol'd so hard when he ran it over... it reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite running over the tupperware with the RV. I had to change it to thumbs up.

Jessica Johnnson: ur a freaking moron of course if u run over plastic its going to brake. ur a freaking moron people like u shouldnt have guns cus ull be the type to shoot urself then it gives the reasons for the libtards to outlaw them. what goes thru ur mind saying o yea i spent 100 on a lower let me go run it over freaking moron. should have donated the money to a charity at least the money would have been put to better use then running something over. human stupidity just amazes me sometimes...

Bruce Andrews: Let me say this in all sincerity. You are an idiot.

zach lande: you should set your vehicle on a slope in neutral and as soon as it starts to roll, place your head under the front wheel. I would really enjoy thst torture test.

Charlie Business: steel like an ak? the most durable rifle in the world? steel is great! steel is strong. steel is what little girly arms say is too heavy. i say bullcrap. you want something built right build it from steel. AR is crap. go steel and go ak. i wouldnt go aluminum and suuuure as crap would never go polymer. those are my opinions nobody has to value or feel the same way as i do.

Rolando Navarro: Ya you can use it to send it back to get your money,it's a pice of crap. I never own a ar-15 pistol from Omni, now I now not to buy one from them.

Dom sugar: 1 word IDIOT!!!!

jfolkzgg: maybe running rounds threw it untill it stops shooting or the the barrel gets to hot would be the PROPER torture test???

Patrick Duniphin: new ati lowers are metal reinforced

Rez: ATI must make the worst Polymer lower in the market. Don't be fulled guys there are some solid Polymer lowers out there. This one just so happens to be a piece of garbage.

ak47man71 kalash: I think it's unfair to test it without the upper and mag in it. plus I have an AK that has seen less abuse. polymer 80 guns are a good quick home build ghost gun. so let's take it for what it is a great option for preoperative under the radar.
Torture Test- ATI OMNI Polymer AR15 Lower 5 out of 5

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Don Bursar: I bought one of these for my 20mm Anti-tank rifle.  I have fire over 1,000 rounds and this scope is still holding a zero without at problem.
Abdul Rehman: Bhai jaan koi contact number hy
Stewart Watson: I miss my childhood.
pianaoki: Aww she's so lovely!
Elle Deon: Pretty, but These would look so much better on you if you had a little more lip liner
Be True: nice. I'll have to look into that weapon being a left-handed shooter I would love that weapon
Thomas Chancey: I'm going to be totally honest! This film is a really good adaptation of transformers! I mean inspector gadget and Jem And the holograms! They are far worse! I mean think about it! This film is awesome! I really enjoy it! Shia lebouf is pretty good in the first film!

Torture Test- ATI OMNI Polymer AR15 Lower