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felips: The only reason its called R32 was because of tis 3.2 liter engine. The R20 will have a 2.0 superturbo charged engine, hecnet he name R20. It will make around 275-280 hp, a vast improvement from the 255 from the R32. As always, it will be AWD and it will kick ass. Oh and I'm 70-80% sure it will be called R20, not GTI-R
Liam Mcleod: where can i find the documentry 
Peter Heidgerd: Funner? (you mean more fun?!) Rear 'chin' spoiler? No, chin spoiler is FRONT rear decklid spoiler is the rear....
Teddie Roosevelt: I can really only recommend these weapons in a carbine setup, that is to say, with a stock and an extended barrel. In fact, these weapons handle wonderfully when shouldered and firing through a decent barrel. I've got a Masterpiece Arms .45 side roostering carbine and another much newer one in 5.7mm that has been dressed up with proper sights, and a very welcome trigger disconnect. They get a bad rep, but these are reliable, accurate, and powerful weapons. my .45 is what I keep under my bed, and what I grab when I hear something spooky in the middle of the night. I've got well over a thousand rounds through my .45, and have had nary a problem with it.
zip343: just picked one up just like it in Pittsburgh, Pa. found it in a barn ... nice piece...yours sounds good....hope mine runs as good as this one...
Dark Gamer: Galera Eu Acho Que a Z8GAMES Esta Robando Agente Porra Comperi 80 Cx Nesta Merda n Ganho Porra Nenhuma Eu To Amaldicoado Ou OQ Crl VTNC Da Z8 Man Se Agnte Parase De Jogar Por 1 Semana Certeza Que Ela Ia Resolver Esta Porra E Man Deixa As Armas De M.N N Pra Roletar Mais PRa COmpra So Ela Ponhe Elas Por 80k De ZP E Mt Melhor Man VSFD Z8Mercenaria Games FDP
HoschraLP: Wir wagen unser Vaterland zu verteidigen heißt der Satz ;)

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