2004 Toyota Matrix XRS

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2004 Toyota Matrix XRS
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2004 Toyota Matrix XR AWD
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2004 Toyota Matrix XR
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Обзор Toyota Matrix XR 2004
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My Toyota Matrix XR 04 Latest Update till April 08

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Tyler Nicolo: I was thinking about getting a used 2004 XRS...are they reliable? How are they over 100k miles? 

DAcanyousaymreyes: lol this was my first car! I drive a lexus IS-f now but man do i miss my matrix 

JohnsonBoba: There are differences in the years of the Toyota Matrix XRS 2003 6spd manual = 180hp (needed Premium gas) 2004 6spd manual = 173hp 2005 6spd manual = 170hp (needed Premium gas) 2006 6spd manual = 164hp 2007+, the XRS trim was discontinued.

Drake charles: Fake people are everywhere. Why would 6 people come on that video and thumb down on it. Damn.

AlexandDad1000: Had an 03 XRS for 9 years. Great car!

JohnsonBoba: nice

Hubert Tremblay: great video. thanks!

slashers32: i have the TRD version..ZZ2E engine..

Herb Petty: I own the only 2003 matrix with GPS,factory installed.. Works great...

Jake Soto: How is shifting when the stick is so far up the dash like that? I love the car, I just don't know how ergonomic that would be for something that's always in use.

metagear89: meh

SuperR1991: Is the xrs only available as a stickshift?

Stan Lee Mickey Natalio: Have the same car, My first car. Fun 2 Drive. 04 Toyota Martix XRs

Labtar1: Getting one for my first car cuz parents got a new one any advice for aftermarket parts

mostertruckfan: car is still got alot of pick up at 70 mph i have its cousin the vibe

GaaraSama3: how tall are you!!!

SuperR1991: nice car i wana learn how to drive stick shift

sandtthomas1: a 99 dakota r/t. It is such an awesome truck, would smoke the matrix xrs anyday, I would have never thought so when I owned the matrix. I can say it wasnt the smartedt decision when it came to gas mileage, but I have no regrets. I still have my 05 corolla. Toyota for life.

joeypwnsj00: @spicy207 car is sold already. lift comes in 6200rpm

Jake Soto: I kind of like notchy, it makes it more satisfying when I shift. I don't know, I'm not on the popular side of the opinion on that.

Ray Gutierrez: I could beat this car with my bike

itsmeTIBOR: My parents have the TRD version! Its a sick car!

spicy207: nice vid bro! what rpm does lift come in? 6K or 6.8k? Thx! post more vids!

sandtthomas1: I had an 03 matrix xrs. I loved the position of the shifter, the only issue was that is was pretty notchy, not very smooth shifting, but was very fun to drive. I miss that car.

bottomlayer: @SuperR1991 There was an XRS automatic in 2003 only. From 2004-2006 it is stick-only.

chrisxrsallmotor: La guagua yo tengo una sale bastante buena y corre como ee

leafrunner123: what are the years that have the yamaha engien zz

William L: such a fun car!

sandtthomas1: It took me a little bit to get used to it, but once I did I love it. It is really nice if you install a TWM short throw shifter. The TRD quick shifter is junk.

Ray Gutierrez: This is a kittys car....

joeypwnsj00: @Labtar1 just do an aem intake like how mine is. coils and wheels and sub woofer and its done.

Persian Pride: smooth shifting. was looking for this car everywhere,, none to be found. i love the 2zz-ge engine, i think its the best toyota ever made. anyway ended up buying an impreza.

joeypwnsj00: @GaaraSama3 potato 5' 9"

Isaiah Nichols: I roll down my window when i get out of the car when it is on too... Im not getting locked out.

sandtthomas1: These are such great cars, great on gas. I had a 03 matrix xrs and taht thing was so fun to drive, couldnt stop taking it into lift< my lift kicked in at 6k, the 04 and up was 6200 or 650 rpm. The one bad thing about the vvtl-i engine was that it is hard to build up. There are a few aftermarket parts for it but you dont get the gains out of the parts that you would get out of any other vehicle, it costs more to build up. I ended up wanting something different so I got rid of it and bought

mostertruckfan: I have it twin for my first car the vibe

Lil Kim: aww it reminds me of when I bought my first car which was a Matrix 2004 as well. I was so happy!

Bryant Dela Cruz: i have matrix xrs 04 and i put SRI magnaflow catback with resonator delete and MWR underdrive pulleys. i love the driving feel over stock but i miss the sublte throatiness of the stock xrs exhaust. My set up is pretty loud.

sergio oregon: hola como sale de bueno este acarro

Jessy Cater: @Labtar1 samething :D

nalyd008: I use to have a 2003 Matrix XRS...I could not believe it when they killed the VVTL-i set up...It would be like Honda saying, eh we are not doing VTEC anymore. Last Toyota I ever owned. Getting ready to order a 2014 Ford Focus ST ;)

Jason: Hey im looking forward to buying a 2003-2005 matrix but im really hesitant wether or not i should get a stick shift or automatic. Im kind of planning to keep it for some long time . I got tempted more as you when i heard the engine on that as you were going on high speed so that was awesome. So should i get a stick shift or automatic?

Paul Issac: @joeypwnsj00 - thats what I did my air intake color is metallic red by AEM

honda824: i buy this car/// from Russia

foolongtea: For those of you looking for these there are quite a few up here in Canada.
2004 Toyota Matrix XRS 4.4 out of 5

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Tyler Nicolo: I was thinking about getting a used 2004 XRS...are they reliable? How are they over 100k miles? 
TheFreshPeddler: w4nz1, enough boost to get 600 hp without a built engine to account for it will do more harm than good. you really dont want to go past 400 maybe 425 on that motor without a rebuild.
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2004 Toyota Matrix XRS