2004 Toyota Matrix XRS

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2004 Toyota Matrix XRS
2004 Toyota Matrix XRS
Review: Toyota Matrix 2005
Review: Toyota Matrix 2005
2004 Toyota Matrix XR
2004 Toyota Matrix XR
2004 Toyota Matrix XRS 6-speed Start up and Walk around VVT-i
2004 Toyota Matrix XRS 6-speed Start up and Walk around VVT-i
2004 Toyota Matrix
2004 Toyota Matrix

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joeypwnsj00: I snake the wires from behind the radio above the footwell cover then remove each door sill cover and feed the wire down the side of the car to the back. I ground the amp in the trunk and send the power wire with the speaker wire but force it through a rubber grommet in the firewall to the battery

My Name Iz Jordan: Hey was wondering how you hid your wires for your sub so well? Any advice anyone?

1turboduck1: i have a 2003 matrix XRS project car and love it...just under 200k km and runs flawless...ive had it for the last 60k with no problems...only cons are the premium fuel is a must and keep a tight maintenance schedule

LT T: ADVICE GUYS. I'm planin to buy a used 2003-2005 Toyota Matrix with 200k miles on it. Is this car dependable overall?
What are the parts that broken down often with costly repairs? How reliable is the manual transmission? What model year
should I avoid, I heard 03-04 Matrixs are no good. I am a self-taught mechanic, I fix the car up myself except for the timing
belt change I let the shop do it. So minor fixer-upper is no big deal to me. Your advice is appreciated.

Tyler Nicolo: I was thinking about getting a used 2004 XRS...are they reliable? How are they over 100k miles? 

Sonic_1000: Had an 03 XRS for 9 years. Great car!

DAcanyousaymreyes: lol this was my first car! I drive a lexus IS-f now but man do i miss my matrix 

Drake charles: Fake people are everywhere. Why would 6 people come on that video and thumb down on it. Damn.

JohnsonBoba: nice

JohnsonBoba: There are differences in the years of the Toyota Matrix XRS
2003 6spd manual = 180hp (needed Premium gas)
2004 6spd manual = 173hp
2005 6spd manual = 170hp (needed Premium gas)
2006 6spd manual = 164hp
2007+, the XRS trim was discontinued.

Hubert Tremblay: great video. thanks!

nalyd008: I use to have a 2003 Matrix XRS...I could not believe it when they killed the VVTL-i set up...It would be like Honda saying, eh we are not doing VTEC anymore. Last Toyota I ever owned. Getting ready to order a 2014 Ford Focus ST ;)

chrisxrsallmotor: La guagua yo tengo una sale bastante buena y corre como ee

sergio oregon: hola como sale de bueno este acarro

foolongtea: For those of you looking for these there are quite a few up here in Canada.

mostertruckfan: I have it twin for my first car the vibe

honda824: i buy this car/// from Russia

Persian Pride: smooth shifting. was looking for this car everywhere,, none to be found. i love the 2zz-ge engine, i think its the best toyota ever made. anyway ended up buying an impreza.

mostertruckfan: car is still got alot of pick up at 70 mph i have its cousin the vibe

Isaiah Nichols: I roll down my window when i get out of the car when it is on too... Im not getting locked out.
2004 Toyota Matrix XRS 5 out of 5

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Geet Madan: how did you get it replaced. I have issues with touch and they have stopped replying me. I am a restless guy, three days means a lot of time. do you have any suggestions?
Alexp37: Glad to hear. Your times don't need to be huge imrovements though, I would still love to hear how they compare, even if they are worse, just interesting to see with which cars you may be faster or slower. Cheers.
Hunter Ramos: My hype song when Avalanches LP2 comes out
stephen jones: I was satisfied with this unit, but unfortunately no longer have the car. The unit was plug an play, will allow you to watch in the move! All apps are available to use freely
@lle: I'm curious about his height and weight and the size of the jacket he's wearing. I'd like to buy one but I'm unable to try it on since I don't live near any retailers that sell that jacket. Is it a big loose jacket or is it more of an athletic fit?
faus gorgo: is the waist strap removable? 
joshanator1: There is timing involved. If you are standing there, wait for your arrow to point straight ahead when the arrow of the area you want to reach is pointing to the right. If you look, you'll notice that every other time that your arrow is pointing straight ahead the other arrow is pointing to the right.

2004 Toyota Matrix XRS