Homemade Crossbow

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Mr2winners: do you have drawings ? can u post them?

Eric Cruz: Can any one tell please tell me the name of the song thanks

David Matthews: heh, poster at 2:22...

j. “theonziebro” lichten: What song is that

Bailey Crowe: Could you tell me what you used as a bow please?

Cosmas B: Wow that is an awesome crossbow!

scarabeetle101: My god this thing is beautiful!

TrueMooMilk: jimi you'd probably be pretty fat.

Ben Ging: If i had a pound for every time this music is used on a tutorial. Nice crossbow by the way.

Slavko Vrabic: Ne znam koji je model, kupljen u snajperu, oko 100e. U međuvremenu je malo modifikovan. Stavljen mu je kupovni limb od stklo-plastike(150lb) i mehanizam za okidanje mu je ubacen od commando samostrela

Dufffaaa93: Svaka cast. Jedno pitanje, koju optiku koristis?

szolnok95: How strong? How many lb?

Reinaldo Costa: puts very nice estou fazendo uma tbm totalmente manual

SBSALVY: Why didn't u talk man

makerks bobvideos: wonderfull... i made a crossbow too.... like this.... but a little small

fadugleman: If its powerful then its cooll as hell.

Nitesky Nitesky: Hi there do you have plans for your xbow ???

sally stevenson: What did you use for the actual bow part ?

Blaaken Blaze: roflmao!!!

Slavko Vrabic: about 3kg
homemade crossbow 5 out of 5

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Harvey Smale: mine will connect but no sound?
jonny mnemonic: the best display ever!! iswear!!
Jesse Cunningham: I joined you guys last Friday for my first ever draft at the Gamers' Emporium, and had a blast! I am enjoying these vids, and look forward to joining you guys again soon!
Denny Stamps: Got the same door coming thanks to your video, a question though. I would like to go ahead and get my coop ready to install it when it gets here, so I was wondering if you could tell me what size opening I need to cut? and if I could place the door itself inside the coop or if it has to go outside? or Since we're in Bremen you could just come and install it for me :-)
Paul Harris: what the hell is the breakdown in grams of Isolate, Hyrolysate and casein? that be helpful
team ru -gamer am gammeln: das ist eine sehr dumme ide
Cindy Sanchez: Excellent review. Thank you so much for being so thorough. I'm purchasing a 2015 2wd Limited Ultimate model tomorrow that is about 200 miles away. Your review really helped a lot and answered a lot of my questions without having to go to a local dealer to check it out before I make the trip.

homemade crossbow