Homemade Crossbow

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Mr2winners: do you have drawings ? can u post them?

Eric Cruz: Can any one tell please tell me the name of the song thanks

David Matthews: heh, poster at 2:22...

j. “theonziebro” lichten: What song is that

Bailey Crowe: Could you tell me what you used as a bow please?

Cosmas B: Wow that is an awesome crossbow!

scarabeetle101: My god this thing is beautiful!

TrueMooMilk: jimi you'd probably be pretty fat.

Ben Ging: If i had a pound for every time this music is used on a tutorial. Nice crossbow by the way.

Slavko Vrabic: Ne znam koji je model, kupljen u snajperu, oko 100e. U međuvremenu je malo modifikovan. Stavljen mu je kupovni limb od stklo-plastike(150lb) i mehanizam za okidanje mu je ubacen od commando samostrela

Dufffaaa93: Svaka cast. Jedno pitanje, koju optiku koristis?

szolnok95: How strong? How many lb?

Reinaldo Costa: puts very nice estou fazendo uma tbm totalmente manual

SBSALVY: Why didn't u talk man

makerks bobvideos: wonderfull... i made a crossbow too.... like this.... but a little small

fadugleman: If its powerful then its cooll as hell.

Nitesky Nitesky: Hi there do you have plans for your xbow ???

sally stevenson: What did you use for the actual bow part ?

Blaaken Blaze: roflmao!!!

Slavko Vrabic: about 3kg
homemade crossbow 5 out of 5

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Ilovefamily 1324: Um hi I bet must of you are in college or something but I'm in 8th grade and my mom or my teacher dose not know I'm doing this so its just me doing this and I don't know why every one says it's hard it not hard when he explains it oh and I also bet most of you are like in there higher teens or something I'm 13 and this is easy😇😇😇😇😜😜😜😜
Digital Gowda (digitalgowda): Those were the golden days which never comeback : (
Jean Paul Beard: Cualquier empresa que apoye la SOPA debe ser boicoteada al igual que GoDaddy, desde hoy diré a todo quienes tengan servicios con GoDaddy que los muevan a otras empresas. yo mismo ya lo hice.
Sin of Pride: this video is a lil old but I think u shouldn't add the role playing mods.
papo hiolo: i bet 100% the hammerhead go play battefield one.stupid kid talks poop
aymara garcidueñas: porque en el trailer si se partio y en la pelicula no
TrueBlueProductions: 3:14 Could this be a parallel to Best Dressed Engine? Except focusing on what Bulgy was doing.

homemade crossbow