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Amal Al blooshi: how to delete the full track?
John Balao: 4:29 Damn, that laugh is just awesome everything I saw it! XD
freddy valencia: The main entrances have gates now... How do we surpass them?
2moonsMaster: I will buy again nfs when the engine sounds is more personalized for each car and more agressive,just graphics increasead,i want to hear the blast thru tunnels like in real life,is that so hard?
Xyril Einzen Carin: How about in a 6.60 pro b-10 using go tube v1.2
Artash Karapetyan: Windows 8 is failure, no windows more, it is tileows or something like that. Time to buy Apple
IsolatedPawn - Let's Plays für Erwachsene: Ich gelobe Besserung. :)

whatsapp GRATIS Blackberry Curve 8520