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Keira Cruise: Could someone do that to me please? I'm not flexible, I'm 13, and I love seeing myself in pain. 
Cinetics Camera: A T3i is at the upper limit for miniSkates + SLR-Zoom. You can increase the weight capacity by adding a SkatePlate ( you can get one by becoming a Kickstarter backer at cinemoco dot com. Or go with the CineSkates + Focus :) Thanks!
Mikhail Nicolaevich: куча мала)
Nam_Nguyen1231: 1:16 its longhorn not vista!!
Dr Paul Charlson: an excellent procedure, but don't refer to it as 'luchtime'
ShegoBernstein: Vigilante justice. Not good. 
Bedřich Hertl: super

whatsapp GRATIS Blackberry Curve 8520