Asus X401 Laptop Review!

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Asus X401 Laptop Review!
Asus X401 Laptop Review!
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ccchhhrrriisssttiinnnHIXD namjoon boo: I really want this laptop but they dont sale these type anymore hopefully new generation for this year 

AnonymousLegion: Dumb Bitch 

Atomic Sauce.: i watched this on green x401a

Sean Lowkey: On a side note, what is the song playing in the background?

Carlos Carmo: Nice video, can you tell me about the battery life when you´re seeing a HD movie in your laptop?3 hours? 4??

DavidisaGrande: That latop did not come with microsoft office did u have to pay it ?

luisinhoens90: My sister has this laptop in Lime Green. She got a great deal on a new one (just below 200 dollars) and is a much better product than a comparable priced netbook. It runs great on Windows 8, she's getting used to it, but other than that she loves her Asus, it looks pretty good, I'd say it looks like a more expensive product.

LovelyColey211: @Notdonner I've tried posting a questions like 2 other times. Know anything about repairing keyboard typing issues?

LovelyColey211: I have the same laptop. Mine is having a keyboard issue now. For random example, I'll type "p" and it displays as "p3=7" . Any suggestions/ideas as to what this can be/how I can fix it? Thanks in advance @notdonner

LovelyColey211: I'm having keyboard issues with mine. I have the same one. Like when I press p for example, it displays p%54 (not exactly, but a random example) any suggestions/ideas as to what it is/ how it can be fixed?? Thanks in advance @notdonner

NotDonner: The stickers are wall decals from Dollar Tree. The Toshiba's pretty good. It's a Satellite L505d. It gets extremely overheated though, and it has a lower processing power. It was great for it's time, but it was really time for me to upgrade.

NotDonner: Yep! I downloaded Microsoft Office a few days ago and it runs all of the programs, just like all other Windows versions. :D

lovejulieandrews: Can u run word on it??? I mean like after u install it.

differentchick5: I ordered it in Lime on Black Friday BBY online!
Asus X401 Laptop Review! 5 out of 5

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Asus X401 Laptop Review!