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Jim Conner: A few years back I made a 9S LiFePO4 pack for one of my own e-bikes. 9S gives you a 29.7V pack.... My thinking was that a Lead-Acid pack charges up to 29.4V so all the electronics on the bike had to be rated to at least that voltage. Capacitors come in 16 or 35V ratings so I knew they had to be good for at least 35V. I checked the mostfets in the controller and they were good for 50V, so I decided to chance it. My LiFePO4 pack puts out about 33V when fully charged. I've been using it for over five years so far with no problems... and the reason why of course... If you get 250W at 24V then due to the inverse square law, you're going to get nearly twice that at 33V... It's so much eaiser on the hills. I think I might have to dust off the 'snowbike' this weekend for a little play around. Cheers!!
descargas mediadire: yyyyyy para que madres cres que queremos saver como es ke thu lo tienes .l.
Charlotte Keeling: What song is this?
jeremy kaufman: I love monster <3
computerman789: 1:12 Keith: We are really close, *we never fight*, so you ain't gotta worry about that. Kevin: We.. Keith: SHUT UP! Let me talk man. HAHAHAHA!
Chris Sanders: I sure miss the good ole days.
reset1974: Si, es compatible.

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