DUPE ALERT!!! Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder $4 Drugstore Dupe!

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DUPE ALERT!!! Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder $4 Drugstore Dupe!
DUPE ALERT!!! Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder $4 Drugstore Dupe!
Make your skin GLOW with just ONE product! Review: Ambient Lighting Powders by Hourglass Cosmetics ♥
Make your skin GLOW with just ONE product! Review: Ambient Lighting Powders by Hourglass Cosmetics ♥
GET YOUR BEST LIGHT! Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Review
GET YOUR BEST LIGHT! Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Review
Hourglass Ambient Powder VS Bobbi Brown Brightening Powder {Review & Comparison}
Hourglass Ambient Powder VS Bobbi Brown Brightening Powder {Review & Comparison}
Blush Dupes!! Drugstore alternatives to Highend Blushes!
Blush Dupes!! Drugstore alternatives to Highend Blushes!
♥Get Ready With Me♥ L'oreal Miracle Blur~Hourglass Diffused Light
♥Get Ready With Me♥ L'oreal Miracle Blur~Hourglass Diffused Light
Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and Brush.
Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and Brush.
Monday Updates~Hourglass~Some Faves & OOTD
Monday Updates~Hourglass~Some Faves & OOTD
VS: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder vs Guerlain Meteorites
VS: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder vs Guerlain Meteorites

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Elle Is For Living: I just found you and subbed. Great video :-) I look forward to getting to know you more ♥ Elle

Renee Smith: 5 min, 30, is when she starts talking about the product, anyway love her she is gorgeous !!! An easy way to see if two products are very similiar is to do one side of your face with one product, and the other side of your face with the dupe, take pics, video, and see the comparison.

Kressa Singh: I had to throw out my Reserve Your Cabana. :( It was chalky and it broke me out!

bmw8913: OMG!!! 11 minutes for a review for ONE product??? OMG I couldn't get passed the 6min mark. You couldn't even make your point...

M Remmers: I Totally AGREE with Vivian, let us learn about things we don't have experience with, don't say anything, if you can't say something NICE... GREAT JOB, Thank you for the review, ♥

April Hall: CVS has these BOGO-50% off this week! Which is how I found my way here; I picked it up on a hunch and then came home and YouTube'd it/found my way here! (YAY!) I'm one of those people that can't justify $45 on a powder and so glad that I did find this one instead! :-)

aℳanda gail: I clicked on this video because I just watched +emilynoel83's video about this Wet n Wild bronzer. Nothing against you, personally, but I think you should take a tip from Emily with a 5-6 minute review. This is too long for one product. Get to the point quicker please.

Brianna Bellamy: Ugh why is this video sooooo long? Really didn't need the pointless story at the beginning. Couldn't even finish half of it because it was too frustrating.

Robyn Singleton: Couldn't make it past 2 minutes. 

thenettenettenette: I see what you're saying. I will get the wet n wild one and compare.

Vivian Shih: PEOPLE WHO PREFER SHORTER VIDEO: don't watch it! I don't see the need of your expressing how this video is so long and you can't watch the whole video through, yet still finding the time and effort to make a comment about it!? I personally love the stories and how she went into every detail, because I personally do not have any experience with either products, and I would like to learn more about them before I shell out my money for either one!

love apple: ive considered getting it but what throws me off is, the wet n wild has spf, and why would i want spf in something that only goes on part of my face? either i want to wear spf or i dont.

Sam Ridd: Are you wearing false eye lashes . If not very nice and if so still . I wish falsies looked good on me I've been trying for a while :( 

Rhonda Fox Jones: Hi, Loved your video because I was just tonight looking for dupes for Lorac Perfectly Lit Radiant which I loved. I am so disappointed they discontinued it that I wrote the company and they said they don't have a comparable in the making but I hope they come out w/one soon. I know everyone loved Spotlight but I preferred Radiant. I ordered Luminous online tonight from Ebay. I will try the one u suggested and thx for that. As for a tip, and I am 61 so I do know what you mean about any imperfections and blurring effects so I'd suggest Dermablend powder that comes in pressed to use first over your skin as a pore diffuser/minizer and then finishing w/cabana or use Cabana and then Dermablend pressed over the areas you have that shine thru. It has worked for me. I hope this is a good tip because I've been struggling to get luminosity and dewey glow but pore minizing at same time and it's been a struggle. I will be using my Perfectly Lit Radiant over my Tarte Bronze goddess for that dewy look as bronze goddess gives the tone I want but it's flat. Thx Rhonda

courtni watkins: 4 minutes in....and you finally got to the dupe? Damn girl!

Maria Orozco: You talk to damn much. Get straight to the point!👌

momochen92: very useful, thank you : )

papercandles: I bought the wet n wild reserve your cabana and I didn't see any luminosity to it at all. It just showed up as a basic face powder. 

Bev T: Talk way tooooo much

Luis Martinez: I bought it but honestly way better product an inexpensive tiki from hard candy just my opinion

Jessica Pace: this is the first video i have seen of yours, and i cant get over how much you look like kristen bell. i would be very surprised if i am the first person to tell you that. :)

HelloImTheBossSucka: Are u serious Wet n wild will never compare to Hourglass are u kidding!!!!

Keri Xianne: 

Ada Greyling: great video

LaFemme5278: I feel the same way as you about the HG powders. For $45 it better be amazing. I'll keep playing with them but I'm honestly not as blown away by them as others seem to be.

budgetbeautiful: Thanks for the dupe! I've been wanting to pick up this product anyway, so I definitely will now!!

CC Cook: EmilyNoel83 said RYCHLIC is a dupe for Laura Gellar vanilla highlight

Michele Marie: Grabbed it.....LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!

LaFemme5278: Have fun!!

LaFemme5278: Good idea!! I think I have a small sample of that to try. I'll try it next time!! : )

LaFemme5278: Thanks a lot!

LaFemme5278: Thanks so much!! xo

Renee Smith: Haha....Well that's what I remembered! I will DEF try it.

imahappycat: I went on the search to 4 places and got it today at Walgreens! Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

DeeDoesMakeup: Great Dupe!

Mayra Schvab: I have both, and I used with a fluffy brush all over my face and, I can tell the difference! Actually the reserve your cabanna its coming diferent the powder it's more mild and it has a little bit less shine I notice because it's already the second time I bought it so I compare and I saw a difference , now it's better than before and the hourglass I use it because I have it., but I never going to repurchase again, it's a lot a money and the wet n wild works just the same!

Bella and Ditsy: Thank you for this I already had the wet n wild, wanted to get dim glad I saw this

Mayra Schvab: I love reserve your cabana.... and i found the best way to make it work better like a high end powder it's using it with a big very very flufy and light brush so just touch the surface of your skin around the eye area and making like a countour avoiding pores and it;'s one of the best powders i tried!!!

Michia Davis: Oddly enough, I was thinking all along the Hourglass Ambient was on the other side. Clearly it's a brilliant photo powder! Thank you so much for sharing!

LaFemme5278: I LOVE when I already have something that I hear someone else rave about and it reminds me to use it. Have fun!

Rochelle Noone: Lindsay I purchased this today!!! love it thanks for the heads up :)

cabfitz: I've had "reserve your cabana" for awhile now - never realized it would be even close to those desired ambient powders!!! Wow - that's great!!!

LaFemme5278: I'll keep playing with Dim but I'm not liking how it makes my forehead look. Maybe I should just use it on my cheeks and nose.

Dena Villanueva: Love your videos !!!!! Thank you for all your reviews !!!!!

simaussie: the hourglass is definietly more of a stunning flawless look but still a great dupe find :)

TheKaitlinAshley: Your skin and teeth are gorgeous!

LaFemme5278: Thanks! It's just NYX Beige lipliner. Love it!!

Talk2Kris10: I tried the reserve your cabana and for me I found it was overly shimmery and more detectable on the skin. I use the Hourglass Ambient lighting as a finishing powder instead of a highlighter and I know its more money and I wish the wet n'wild worked the same but it didn't because its a huge price difference.

Grace King: OMG After watching this I went to buy the Wet n Wild bronzer and I LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much for letting us know about it...Ive never tried the Hourglass powders but I liked the idea of them. The Wet n Wild one is perfect for me though cuz I have suuuuuch dry skin and it makes me look dewy and soooo nice! Thank yoooou!!!! I woulda never thought of buying it otherwise.

KaizenReviews: I tried the W&W and found it just disappeared on my fair skin. Glad it's working for you, though.
DUPE ALERT!!! Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder $4 Drugstore Dupe! 4.7 out of 5

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DUPE ALERT!!! Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder $4 Drugstore Dupe!