How To Put Fishing Line On A Open Face Reel

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How to put line on an open faced reel
How to put line on an open faced reel
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How To Put Line On A Spinning Reel
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How to put fishing line on a Baitcaster + Levelwind Reel
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Joseph Warren: you suck

Caleb Free: Do you know how to use a camera you jackwagon. Make a better one you jackwagon. My Grandma could make a better video.

Mauro Aguilar: Thanks ignore the negative talkers they probebly can't do it so there jealous 

Walt Wintsch: Nice video; it sure helped!

Chase Mayer: It is not called a open faced reel it is a spinning reel

Leo Alvarez: Thanks this video helped way more than any other

Eddy Morales: Thanks now I can fish with my new pole BTW its gold

edwin jose maldonado: thanks !!! 

mike adams: Cool thanks

Josh Smith: Just because Where you Live (The United States) Counterclockwise is the term used does not mean that this is the case everywhere else..Stupid Americans. I am from The United States and I see why people don't like us. It's because of these types of comments. Commonwealth English = Anticlockwise...Before you put someone down check your facts..

Jeremy Howard: Counterclockwise you mean (dumbass) the kid did a great job

Adrian Cervantes: BEINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perri Prevost: i can't see the pole man... 

wubsa: Love the way he gets the line tangled and blames it on cheap line. You forgot to show how the line comes off the line reel clockwise or anticlockwise. 

Ronnie Eggleton: GO BACK TO SCHOOL KID.

J Skizzle: haha at the end "I'm homeee". Good video though dude. 

Zane Chaltas: do u know how to use a camera jackwagon.

Hecor Luiz: @danhoward503 leave the kid alone man. Your a fool.

mrdann42: gah i wish your camera was just a bit lower so i can see the reel better :( 

wooshc: THANKS! 
How to put Fishing Line on a Open Face Reel 5 out of 5

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How to put Fishing Line on a Open Face Reel