Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard - New Weapons And Armor

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KazaamZ: Both of you guys are wrong the armor cap is 567 and you can reach that with any armor if you have high smithing so there's not really a best armor that will depend on the enchantments and looks once its 567

Jayden Blair: the exploding shock bolts have not been able to blow up there's a bug sadly :(

Cole Brundret: Look at my nipples theyre an inch apart raaaaaaar

Gaming Master: have you tried the ogmifinum in skyrim

LOLNO Industries: So wait if I become a vampire Lord then cure my vampirism can I get the crossbows?

Ruby Tooby: i do really like the dawnguard armor i like to ware it evan if i have beter  armor!!!

Scout Craft: Yea those freakin gaunds are taking arrows to their knees as we don't get capes

Hashbrown: can you get that crossbow if you turned into a vampire lord

Striker X: You have to take the torch from her
If you want her to put it away 

William “Agentk” Piffner: You forgot Auriel's Shield you get in the forgotten vale with the ruby paragon.

Benjamin Harrington: Awesome video. :) But did you know that you were in Liar's Retreat, and should have picked up Rahd's Orcish Longhammer? It would have started more action, and you would have gotten the lightest War Hammer in Skyrim.

Marin Zvonek: deadric is better then dragon

Sky Shroom: Great. Chorus hunters. Chorus always seemed to make me made but now I have chorus hunters n my game? Sigh This is just perfect.

Kyle Hearnsberger: I like taking an un-enchanted crossbow and putting a flame enchantment on it, so that way, even if you shoot flame-enchanted bolts at vampires/undead, it can cause seemingly-more damage to your opponents. >:-D And when I get to the final battle with "Lord" Harkon, I break out Auriel's Bow, and proceed with DESTROYING Harkon. Assuming you have enough Sunhallowed Elven Arrows, the fight with Harkon would make you think that Harkon is a wimp. I took him out in just a few or so hits, and he was OUT. My previous playthrough, I finally got to where I was able to cure Serana's vampirism for her. :) That was so cool.

LoneWolfGaming: Hey, I changed back to a werewolf, then vampire lord and I cant change back, can u help?

Carl Sparks: In dawnguard can o have both werewolf and vampire lord 

Daniel Nguyen: What armor does Alea have?

Rylu Gaming: Where do i get the heavy dawnguard armor, i only found the light one

darksiders11: question can you join the dawnguard if your a vampire lord 

PJC: I hate your awkward voice ramberling on the whole video!! Sort your life out AND show us what we want to see in a sharp choppy manor
Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard - New Weapons and Armor 5 out of 5

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Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard - New Weapons and Armor