Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard - New Weapons And Armor

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hunter jordan: " ancient falmer Armour " well technically its actually snow elf Armour but ill let Bethesda get away with that one :p

Lee Xin: can still go to the soul cairn if you are vampire hunter? and get the dragonbone stuff

Zackary Ganey: 7:00 nipple armor

Devin White: "There's a SPIKE in my head!!!" 1:29

Zaxious Roy: dlc can play in skyrim or not

Grabiato Nehrimzer: gay console gamer ! get a pc and fov 110 on a 21:9 screen

AnimeFan 990: My cousin is SOOOOOO into falmer armor he'll love the DLC which i got for free because i have the lengendary edition

Luther katinos: what level do you have to be to find the dragon weapons?

Colby Decker: I got spikes in my head! 😂

Samuel Lee: i am trading my tf2 items for the dawngaurd dlc!!!
steam name:RTD2 for sonic (yea dingus)
send me offers!!!!

MELONMANCREW MELONMAN: can you get Dawnguard weapons and armors with console commands?

Pericles of Athens: ah.... back along time ago when we had to wait through the loading screens, lol

bros 4 life: leave a like on the video if u have a tendency to search everything u kill

fromage killar: hmm, never knew you could get dragon bone weapons in the soul cairn

Bradley King: hey dude can you do a video on where to find the dragon bone stuff in the Soul cairn I have played through it meny time but can't find any dB equipment plz make a vid Level 40 Archer my char is.

Watermelon66609: On the dragonbone sword I like the little ring at the end of the handle nice touch

Henry Gildea: best part of the whole video was when he started to talk about nipple armor

KazaamZ: Both of you guys are wrong the armor cap is 567 and you can reach that with any armor if you have high smithing so there's not really a best armor that will depend on the enchantments and looks once its 567

Jayden Blair: the exploding shock bolts have not been able to blow up there's a bug sadly :(

Cole Brundret: Look at my nipples theyre an inch apart raaaaaaar
Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard - New Weapons and Armor 5 out of 5

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Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard - New Weapons and Armor