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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Jonathan Morrison: Here's our thoughts on Xbox One after spending the weekend with it! Feel free to +1/share if you enjoyed! 
UAGNA: Grande Lego!!! [Black]
Natasha Klatt: If you go to the Bible, the horse's mouth, as it were, none of this is true. Read about the construction of Solomon's Temple for yourselves at 1Kings & 2nd Kings then 1 Chronicles & 2 Chronicles. All the measurements are there. Then for a completed picture of the outside & inside of the structure go to jw.org It was a rectangle & not very high either. There are colour pictures in the Bible at jw.org on pages B8 & then the 2nd Temple built at Jerusalem, which was razed by the Romans in 70CE as foretold in prophecy. This second temple was also a low rise rectangle on page B11.
VK3TWO: Most people who own this radio LOVE it, despite it being far from perfect. If you haven't seen one in the flesh, you'll be surprised at how small it is. You really have to 'see it to believe it'.
TheCharlaB: Love the fact that you threw in a quick endorsement for the scrubbing bubbles too..lol. 
Brennen Chaput: does this work on a rogers s3???
Lumberman2011: oh shoot I just read 40 bucks..duh pays to read LOL Take care Lee!

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