Tan Physics Review

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Tan Physics Review
Tan Physics Review
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Lisa Petillo: I HATE when online companies do that; make you type in your email address before you can even LOOK at their website!?@# IT'S so frustrating! Thank you for the review!!! I've always used Neutrogena and it always looks great and no problems whatsoever~

Michael Snakfinger: You dont have to give your email. If you just click submit without filling in the email form it will go to the price page.But the marketing is CRAZY . If you type in just about anything on tans. You get this massive Tan Physics hits in the results page OMG And they have spent tons of time and I imagine money on flooding the tanner reviews.

Maren Kritz: you should do a video with your favorite, or top 3..and top darkest! :)

Lynne Russell: I read about this on their website and debated whether to order. I'm glad you mentioned the smell. Seems alot of the ones I try, leave this horrible after smell, so to speak. Like, the next morning I wake up & they just stink. I also look for ones that don't stain my clothes or mess up, if you sweat. Can you give me some names of good ones, that smell great?? Also, what is your take on the ones that you spray on, as opposed to the ones you rub on. Lately, I've been using Netrogenas spray tans. I just found your channel, so I'm kinda in the dark on some of the tanless products. I think you did a great job on the review. Thanks so much....Lynne :-)

element74: Be a little more honest and specific, please. Why are you giving it about 3 stars? Is one reason because the other companies are paying you guys to give them good reviews? I have a feeling this is a really good product. Companies that offer money back guarantee are usually there for a good reason. I feel this review was a little biased downward.

Matt Kelly Morton: Hey Guys, I use this product every week and I love it. The smell is gross but the tan I get is amazing. I apply Sunday and Thursday nights. By the weekend the color is awesome because it builds. That is what works for me. Thanks for the review!!!

ManliestManlyMan: Did you wear gloves when applying?

jackie Akers: Does this run if you get splashed at a pool?

Joan Lind: NOBODY tells you how to apply it! Thin,nick, rub in, don't rub in, shake the bottle, don't shake the bottle. Ridiculous. 

Marilyn Hume: I like fakebake by flawless.

Shery Christopher: In A World

Alexander Burt: About how many applications per bottle can one get?

dana champion: Your palms of your hands are badly stained while the back of the hands are cotton white & the wrists are blotchy.... next review please.

Lashea Evans: Thank you for the honesty!! You answered most f my questions.

Vanessa Falco: I'm using this product and Im pretty confused about it does is show result the first time I put some on? Or how does the process works with this product because I don't see any result!

Haley Black: Is your left arm stained and blotchy due to this product? 

Sandy Lukowicz: Sandy Tan Physics is fantastic!!!

shannie4mac1: I'm going away to turkey next year and I'm really UN decided between the vita liberata or the playboy glitz. I'm looking for the one which lasts the longest, sort of 6-7 days? Thank you 

S Jones: I just ordered this. Hoping it works as well as you say. But I saw your review on the Playboy Blitz AFTER I ordered the TanPhysics. :( Does the TanPhysics have a shimmer to it after it dries? Does the Playboy Blitz have a shimmer?

J Carter: She needs to learn to use a latex glove and very quickly get the back of hand and fingers, then do one side of body while hand dries, then put glove on other hand and do the rest. This is how you DO IT ladies!! Go buy a box of medical gloves. NO orange on hands at all. My dermatologist was blown away when I said I had self tanner on. It's flawless.

Danny Vaughn: I'm like you, I thought she was very pretty. I could just sit here and watch her all day. :)

SelfTanning.com: Hi Dee! This particular product has something like 40 different ingredients. We have the top 10 of those listed in our review on our website. As for my favorite product, that tends to change over time ;) For really dark color, I like Adonia Bronzing Glow...

SelfTanning.com: To reach your back, maybe try something like the Body Buddy applicator. Or, to save money, shred an old towel and use that the same way. It works great!

SelfTanning.com: Hi There! For a lighter tan, you might want to try Clinique Self Sun or St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. Both of those work really well and produce a "lighter" color. If you check out our website above, we review both of those :)

SelfTanning.com: Thanks :)

SelfTanning.com: Hi There! Depending on which product you use, you can expect it to last anywhere from about 3-6 days (everyone's skin is different). Using a moisturizer will help extend the life of your sunless tan, so that's a good thing to do. Lastly, you'll typically need to apply once or twice a week for maintenance.

Miranda Raiford: Can you do a review for the St. Tropez dark tanning mousse?

Xen: You're very beautiful and great review!

Thomas Aiellos: I bought four bottles of the Sunless Tanner and one of the extender, but after my teaching job I took off my t-shirt and my shirt was ALL bronze from the Tanner. WTF I looked pretty good, but I can't reach my back and that sucks, but I guess I'll have to have someone butter my back lol

SelfTanning.com: Ur welcome!

SelfTanning.com: Hi Maria. If you check out my blog listed above in the description, we rank all of the self tanning products out there :)

jdwaynes1980: Wouldn't before and after photos of a self tanner be beneficial in a review?

talikapout: Hiya! I have a 3 day event coming up n want a slight tan not too dark Im very light person was wondering if u could give your expertise on which product I could buy I don't really like those gradual tan I rather apply n maintain Tyvm!!

Plumeria8081: Thank you for the review of this product. Very thorough. I've never used self-tanners. With daily showering and shaving how long does an application last? Also, how does daily use of lotions and moisturizers affect using this product? And, how frequently throughout the week would I have to apply?

Mspaymaneh: Thank you, was very informative. What product do you suggest for self-tanning??

Maria Williamson: Nice review. I have tried every sunless tanning product under the sun, and for me, nothing looks better on my skin than the Tan Physics brand. I have also hooked all of my friends on it and they love it as much as I do. I agree with how fast it dries, its great. I find the citrus scent is actually fruity and kinda nice. It seems that Tan Physics focuses on caring for your skin as well as providing a very natural looking tan. Thanks for the review and keep them coming, I love your site! Maria

Dee K.: What are the ingredients like in this product? Does it have natural ingredients/food coloring or anything that might cause a "raised eyebrow"? Also, what's your favorite, deepest tanning product you've found? Thank you! Great review!

spankynty2000: Check out her white hands with orange palms. Her arms are tan to the wrist. The top of her hands are white and her palms are orange! This tells me something about this product and it's not good.

SelfTanning.com: Hi Miranda. We should be reviewing that one very soon!

Ned Ryerson: Wow! Excellent review. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!

talikapout: Ty so much thats actually very helpful have a nice day

stickssb: I was about to buy this product when I came across your review. It was very helpful and ty for letting us in on tanning product info. I'll keep looking :)

SelfTanning.com: That's something we might start doing in the future. Thanks for the suggestion...

Maria Hopkins: So which self tan product would. You suggest has best?

SelfTanning.com: You're welcome! Hopefully you'll find one that works best for you :)

SelfTanning.com: Your welcome! To see which self tanners we currently suggest, check out our website listed in the description above :) We have lots of ideas over there...

nobody: Jealous much?
Tan Physics Review 4.3 out of 5

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