European American Armory EAA Witness 9mm Pistol

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4TheLuvOfNitrous: thanks for the video. considering purchasing one for my ol lady. dose it jam often or ever?

Anon E. Mus: I was lucky to get my hands on a new steel small frame 9mm Witness (the kind NOT imported by EAA), with no coatings or finishes on both the slide and frame. My only concern with it is that the front grip of the frame is thicker than most CZ clones (and the gun in this video) and gives the grip unnecessary bulk for my small hands.

JayzBeerz: Great video thank you.


Raydin Kay: How do you take apart and clean it?

santiago yescas: uyyy padre, como mi escupefuegos, lña misma :3

1957Shep: I`ve been called a lot worse things. :)

spookypunky: Holy crap! I thought it was Mr. Rogers!

1957Shep: I have 3 of these Witness pistols myself. This 9mm and a pair of 10mms. A full size and a compact. Finally got around to doing videos with them last weekend, but have not uploaded them yet. Want to scatter them out a little instead of uploading a batch of videos all at once. Probably have them posted within a couple of weeks.

Lenore Lewis: I have had a Witness 10mm for about six years! Not a problem to date. I can shoot anything with it, not a hipcup. I have a couple of twelve round mags. I can also shoot Underwood full loads out of this, "cheap gun," something I can not do with my beloved Colt Delta Elite in 10mm. I can swap out my current bbl, and put in a 9, or 40 caliber, etc. Like I said, no problem with my Witness. It would be smart to pick up one or two, given the gouging presently going on with the higher end guns!

1957Shep: They are a good pistol for the price tag. It`s not a Sig or a Colt, but it`s a decent pistol. I own 3 of them. This one in 9mm, a full size 10mm, and a compact 10mm. Both the full size guns ran flawless out of the box. The compact had a few fits breaking in, but it ran well after about the 1st 100 rounds. I did replace the recoil springs on both of the 10mms. Seemed a little light for full power 10mm loads. The 9mm eats any bullet weight, but gets better accuracy with 115gr bullets.

Mr1MOA: Hey man, I'm about ready to pickup a EAA Witness 9mm Full size steel made in the 1980, what do you think.........should I get it?? Yours is nice with the wonder finish, the one I'm considering is the standard blue carbon steel model.

1957Shep: EAA is an importer. This gun is actually made by Tanfoglio in Italy.

SmokinGun55: That's a really nice pistol. I must admit that I've never heard of the manufacturer before but I'm sure going to be aware of it in the future. Thanks for sharing.

1957Shep: Thanks.

1957Shep: Thanks for watching.

HrntFixr: that is a good looking weapon sir! Thanks!

TheShermandale: Nice one, my friend.

1957Shep: Thanks for watching.

1957Shep: Look for it in the next couple of days. Kind of a rough old beast. 92 years old (made 1920) and poorly refinished, but still a decent shooter.
European American Armory EAA Witness 9mm Pistol 5 out of 5

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European American Armory EAA Witness 9mm Pistol