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laubeatz: I find it a little dodgy with the "Proprietary Blend" section lol.. :P but i have just started using it today and i went for a run, i just didnt get tired
Fabian Campanella: high high, this bike is basic for a ride... i have one. the rear disk suck...
iwantram3n: lol you've been endorsing some..."unqiue" games lately xD normally i'd never even think about playing them but now that an awesome channel like you are, i might give it a go woot.
Daphne Van De Langenberg: Je moet een keer een win actie doen !
mikal davidson: Yo jack u are pretty awsome but what is the server called
jarrettk99: O.o
NoobyWarfare SixOSix: 1:04 Pulled the pump first before shooting also she never pulled the trigger. 1:15 The will indeed die from the wait of the shark. 1:28 Sharks can't balance that well also everyone inside is now deaf. 1:52 9mm does not have even half the needed stopping power to do that also how helicopters can fly so easily as the shark can? Any way every one is dead from the air pressure any way. 2:01 Not how chainsaws cut and the man is dead from the laws of inertia. 2:08 No he's too dead to cry out. 2:10 9mm really again. 2:21 His hand is broken. 2:28 the power is out and the frame is destroyed. 2:32 The force should have slammed him to the ground and the shark is dead. 3:02 Sharks normally let go within the first 3 hit from a punch and was she just eaten like the freaky pacman? 3:23 Shark were on humanitarian watch as early as 1993 where all come from? 3:39 Wow I wish I had a chainsaw like that. 3:39 Mine usally take 3 or 4 reves after unuse also gravity is broken here. 3:58 how come before it could eaily cleave thourgh a shark now it takes time.

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