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Kevin Daskal: Audi vehicles nowadays seem to follow a very old saying by one of America's founding father: "speak softly and carry a big stick"... You can see this concept manifest through almost every comparison test Audi enters! The S6 beat both the BMW M5 and the Merc E63 AMG on Car & Driver's comparison test, and it was over 100 hp down and $20,000 cheaper then both. And that's just one comparisons I'm referring to, there are many others online and even on Youtube if you really want to see what Audi's have become capable of...
rbg crawford: I don't mind her farting in front of me
Maher Soua: Bad ass phone 
afdhal cassady: I like the landing light XD
Mr MEGATroll: battleship craft can be downloaded in the UK
Edward Isopody: I tested on non-platinum PAL version and it did not work :/
joel dominguez: Ha cali sucks 

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