Ignite Black Ops Sniper .177 Caliber Pellet Rifle Review.

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Pellet test 1
Pellet test 1
Unboxing W-001
Unboxing W-001

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Shawn Dubay: Hi love this rifle. I have one myself. Didn't like the scope on it and bought a Vortex Crossfire 2nd gen for $175. With the new scope it is amazingly accurate. Good example is a center hole through a Powerade cap from 40 yards out.

Bat man: That's the best roostering method I've seen, that totally eliminates having to keep a hold of the barrel while inserting the pellet, your fingers are never in a vulnerable position with a compressed spring doing it like that, nice one, it's something that I just didn't think of. Nice rifle and video by the way. ;-)

TheLatinFan Gaming: Kweblecop

marcus lucas: Esse sniper atira ruim pra caramba pqp, é melhor ele tirar esse cabelo horrível e aprender a atirar.

Avery Tayler: can someone tell me if this gun is bolt action?

Cole Salo: What ammo do you recommend for taking out small birds and rodents?

Jay Jensen: I have this rifle. I've killed all kinds of animals. It's awesome!!!

thedonutholes69: which is better for woods hunting this one r the gamo silent cat?

rallycatx: ITS KEN AND RYU FIGHTING HADUKIN as such from pawn stars Vader mastadone with all haste for free from hell Dumbo birthday song with age for model tracks YOU!!!!

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Slimm Jimm: Nice!

Mattress Munchkyn: @miguel duque sorry but u dont always get what u want when u want. perhaps some manners might b in order. and some basic knowledge that rushing onto you tube to answer questions isnt among my top priorities right now due to real life, when the common questions can be simply answered by googling it. sorry but im not gonna wait all day everyday for someone to ask me how much it is when they can call walmart like i did.

Mattress Munchkyn: +CplPrimeaux as far as killing raccoons at 50m's im not sure as i havent had the chance to do any long range shooting nor have i used it on anything bigger then a squirrel so far. if yer gonna try ide suggest using the heaviest domed or hollow point domed u can get, im using 7.9grain crosman premier hollow point domes on squirrels delivering over 9 lbs of energy deposit on impact. i would suggest using at least a 10 grain or higher on raccoons bud. hope its helped a little.

Parker Tyre: bunch of crackheads

Mattress Munchkyn: yes the rifle is $150 at wal mart and yes im sure he the poster meant raccoons. doubtfully he meant it in a racist way and i seriously doubt theyre lacking brain cells to post on a public sight shooting black people digging in their trash cans.... common sense would b appreciated when posting on my videos thanx :)

FOOKA ROUND: Is that rifle 150$ or lower caz I got money and I am looking for a good rifle so I can kill these damn coons getting in my trash

miguel duque: i want the owner of this video to answer your question

CplPrimeaux: Think it would kill raccoon at about 50 meters?

honey poo: Love the acdc haircut
Ignite Black Ops Sniper .177 caliber pellet rifle review. 5 out of 5

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Ignite Black Ops Sniper .177 caliber pellet rifle review.