800+ HP Turbo Honda Civic Dyno - Dynamic Performance X ESR

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Trendliners: 836 HP from a B series engine? 

Chhoung Seng: Less money and go fast that's why I like Honda 

Vang Yang: Bad assss. Now that is where Honda gets its name. Strong, just go stronger. HONDA for life. Like that civic bro. Tight. Now all u have to do is Eat, Sleep, JDM for live.

Ramon Garcia: What intercooloer is that?

Cody G: Holy crap.

Matt Vue: Love the look under the hood bro

Shombie Dixon: wooooow...That Downpipe

334cobra: THAT is what I couldn't figure out!!! THANK YOUUUU!!! :D


T-Pow: DAT torque!

jonzyfilms: they look so weird without slicks

carlitocacf: Good job,car makes incredible power while looking good.props

Richard William Guilmette: /watch?v=cRU2lDCSfBU, you see the airfilter connected directly to the turbo (air side) and the exhaust manifold connected to the turbo on the other scroll of the turbo.

bpl0807: Dear Santa...

334cobra: ok...I know how a turbo works, and how it's connected...all the way up to the point AFTER THE INTERCOOLER...where does the pipe go to after the intercooler???

334cobra: ahhhh!!! so the "air intake" side of the turbocharger is the "new air intake" side of everything???

chris woody: my dog was sitting at the side of the screen at 10 seconds in and jumped off my couch and ran XD

Kristopher Pruett: Sick seeing the motor actually vent through the catch can !!!

WorksProductionFilms: wooo god damn

Jeffrey P: Thats just fu#king insane!

Richard William Guilmette: yes!! :D

JDMreck: I love it

chris1234391: there are 7,8,9 second civics out there on the 1/4

Big B: What's with the front exhaust? This is new to me, I'm curious

334cobra: yes, but after the intercooler, where exactly does the pipe go to? is there even an air intake anymore, or does the pipe after the intercooler go straight in the intake manifold like the air intake would go?

Manuel Sanchez: Holy crap all i gotta say

Daniel villatoro: freaking killing it at dp

Richard William Guilmette: the turbo does not go into the intake manifold, not before going through the intercooler. on this car there is no air intake, but it would be connected to the turbo. A turbo is 2 turbines connected by a ''clutch'' one turbine has air in it (from your air intake) the other has exhaust gases straight from your exhaust to spin it.

AokieDesigns: That crap is a monster.

Lawrence Pearson: camera guy got scared

Richard William Guilmette: the cooled compressed air goes into your intake manifold and is mixed with gas, then into your combustion chamber, combustion! then exhaust gases spin the turbo that sucks air in from your air intake, pushes into the intercooler and round and round we go.

nthusiastt: Three words: Haters gonna hate.

Richard William Guilmette: yes its from the intercooler to the intake manifold. The air intake on turbo cars is linked to the actual turbo. On this car there is no air intake because it is a race car, but it would be connected to the turbo (in the middle of it, its the round area in the middle of the scroll). I would check out some (How do turbos work) videos if you need more info.

210gnx: I just came.

Etienne Reyes: what a waste of time and money.... its a 4 cylinder and its front wheel drive. mad respect though didnt think there was a such thing as a fast civic

334cobra: where does the t with the compressed air go into the intake manifold though? and does your air intake still suck up air as well?

Roscoe Dickhertz: Three words: Wrong Wheel Drive.
800+ HP Turbo Honda Civic Dyno - Dynamic Performance x ESR 5 out of 5

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800+ HP Turbo Honda Civic Dyno - Dynamic Performance x ESR