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David Chambers: Mine is a 2011 and am happy with it. Not highway wind friendly. Needs a few safety issues resolved. Hit from the rear, my air bags did not deploy.
darkinertia2: whats the big deal about child resistant bottles? last time i checked cigs dont have that, or alcohol at least to my a lot of us dont have kids and personally i think child resistant bottles are the devil since they like to get stuck on me and eventually just keep spinning and not opening lol
alaskankare: Love this review. I am looking at making a paracord kit, and you've given me some good to avoid items and must haves.
Brainiac V: does it stick to the back of the coverbuddy when putting the smart cover to the back of the ipad?
Scott Allen: OpenSuse - by far the most polished. Beats OOO Bunto without even trying
nige99: when Jimmy turns back round after going to his seat the look on his face "youve freaked it again Jimmy" 
Nathan Price: The wii version is so bad 

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