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Keith E: does anyone know what the difference is between a hxr-nx70u and a her-nx70
rodrigo iturralde: Esta actriz es verdaderamente una muñeca
Rudy Mahadevan: I like how she tucks the swimsuit out of her ass
Jadan Phillips: How do u pull the giant thing down because it keeps letting go and what buttons
Perkunas T: Diversify,,, 10 percent metals really??? The problem with that theory, is if you put it into stocks, you can loose everything overnight, but you still have your 10 percent It doesn't sound very smart, especially when over 87 percent of the average Joe investors, will loose money in the markets. Bonds/Bank accounts pay out nothing, they don't even keep up with real inflation, not the fake government stats. Hard assets like real estate, can be a real gamble, and besides if the economy tanks, you can buy that stuff for penny's on the dollar. Oh that's right you just lost it in the markets, but but wait, I still have my 10 percent.
Sean Laurence: I have the same issue as Charles J. I had a cracked screen but was able to connect the laptop to an external monitor. After replacing the screen, the laptop won't boot. I push the power light, the power light comes on, and the fan runs for about 2 or 3 seconds then stops. I've tried flashing the bios method for fixing the infamous acer "black screen of death" and I've also tried discharging any static electricity by removing the battery and holding the power button etc. Has anyone had a similar problem and successfully fixed it? Thanks in advance!
frontrowchicken: kobe ranked 24 or something on ESPN.

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