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jrjubach: You can call the sequel "21 and HUNGover"
Alex Krajci: One Of My Brother Jesse Krajci's Friends Yan Saw Watchmen With His Dad When It Came Out In 2009.
darkchaoszeroomega: What are the differences between Hunting Ground and The Hidden War ?
natigoma: Puta madre, ya no hacen anime asi! con historias que llegan, llore como una loca. tremenda serie! la miraba alla por el `94
Ryan6700: Why did their company have to shut down :( this game was amazing. I wish someone else could have picked it up.
LadyEMC2TV: I want to try this bronzer. It's on my wish list. Thanks for the review. :)
Mike Hunter: If the muzzle is net exactly straight and flat across it will cause instability. Gas is trying to pass the bullet all the way down the barrel but is retained by the bullet. When the bullet exits the barrel the gas passes the bullet in a even circular wave. If the bullet exits a muzzle with one side of the bullet exiting a 100 thousands of an inch for example ahead of the other side the gasses will squeeze around on that side first creating a wobble. The spin may stabilize it but accuracy will suffer. I would have it re crowned at the very least. It's not that costly.
Note: It is his gun and he can do what he wants within the law sooooo....cool video.

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