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Keith E: does anyone know what the difference is between a hxr-nx70u and a her-nx70
Ali-A: Anyone picked up a PS4 yet? :D
Martica Gonzalez: These are so cute.....and easy to make. tfs
Odood19: Scrutinize the Lord of the rings swords.
Anthony Alves: The iPhone 4s is jail broken dumbass 
RCSparks Studio™ / djmedic2008: Such a great presentation Gio! Thank you for the shout out :-) Your rig is wonderful, and truly an inspiration to folks.. including me! Those Savox Servo's will make a Huge Difference in steering power. For the external BEC - I was not going to use one yet - I would like to see if the stock esc allows me to use these servos. Did I surprise you with the dual motors?! Brushed, as well. I went brushed because of the mud and water I like to play in.. lol. As well, I think a dual Brushless setup would have been too much power for the truck. I like your setup as well, very awesome! The RPM arms are a Must.. I also went white for the interchangeability between bodies. The ALUMiNUM Rims! I hunted for them, and they add a small amount of weight to the bottom of the truck.. I have a feeling that this rig will do some mega climbing. If I use a BEC, and find it necessary to install one - i will go with a Castle Creations 60Amp - should do the trick. Thanks for the great video.. I really enjoyed it!
Craig MVDK: Nice review. I played this. I though it was alright, but not amazing.

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