Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Elite Heavy Shot Plan Location & Map Location

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arnt i jus pritty: i would love to swim with some killer whales

Philip RC: Your commentary made this video great :D

gianni Korebrits: why dint you show us the place on map

Mustafa Mesic: hey mate , thx for the tutorial it helped.. im sorry if this is a bit late but oh well.. happy new year mate hope u have a great one ! Cheers ;P

Pippi Longstocking: You need thrive buddy

John Deathspell: best watched on mute!!! trust me this cunt rambles on and on otherwise it woulda been a 5 minute video!

slayrich K: stop talking and just tell us

Tyrese Ward: Swimming is so retarded for me on black flag

Major LeeHung: Dayum your stories are too funny.

Adam medina: Hey thanks for the video but I'm gunna be honest your an asshole and actually Muslim pirates did burry treasure so that shows what you know ya muppet

The Game Lane: The plan location is in the Serranilla section of the map at Misteriosa

Herobrine Hunter496: Where is the location of the actual treasure not the map plan

Trevor Spears: Thank you this vid helped out alit

wattspe2: It would have Ben nice if you showed were the hell the temple was... Thanks though

Graham Wadley: first time watching one for your vids and ive got to say your lad topman keep them comeing and less coffee lol

Jake Riches: 14:29... No, MuddleMuppet, the pirates didn't just go and bury treasures for no reason, and you're right, very few actually did. But those who did were dying or knew they couldn't get the treasure carried away from where ever they were at until they could return with means to carry it. And That was the cases where some pirates - and normal rich folk who had somehow gotten into a bad situation escaping with only some treasure stuff - would bury it and draw cryptic maps meant to be legible only by themselves or for friends i.e. near ones.

But that said, I believe there are only a couple of examples of this which somehow made it into the cultural collective mind of what may best be considered lingering between fact and fiction. It certainly has made for a lot of entertaining material in books, screenplays etc., plus latest in movies. - Still, complete fiction it is not.

What may in a sense be more funny is the fact that people have done something like this right here in North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, South America, Russia, etc., namely by peasants who did it for a few different reasons. One reason is that they hoped to keep a little more grain for the harsh winters than their lord's taxmen would allow them to keep. Another reason is that it wasn't as easy to keep things safe under lock and key only a few hundred years back as it is today, and since poverty was more widespread in Western Cultural areas then so was robbers and thieves, so the peasants buried their most treasured and necessary belongings in hope that it wouldn't be found during a break and entry.

The most common place that people would bury their treasure/s were underneath the wooden planks that covered the floor, or in cases where there weren't even wood to cover the floor but instead bricks, the treasures were buried beneath some of those. A third option in houses where the floor consisted of dirt, the treasures would literally be buried in holes dug in the ground and woven carpets were placed on top so that the disturbed dirt weren't immediately visible to visitors. - Obviously things would also sometimes be buried behind the wooden walls,or in brick walls if they had more than one layer of bricks. Otherwise the bricks would be carved and fashioned so a hollow space was produced and a thin brick that appeared to be like other bricks were covering the space.

So burying or otherwise hiding 'treasures' is by no means something new or even uncommon and known only to far away places where rumors easily bred. History tends to be full of irony that way.

(Damn, another lengthy post. But in my case it's a cup of extra strong coffee that's to blame, hehe. I'll try not to repeat the error.)

Jake Riches: Yeah it's true, jellyfish are the oldest multi cellular beings in existence. There are other animals, particularly reptiles and birds which have been around for millions of years as well. Alligators and Crocodiles are among them, while man has only been on earth for approximately 60.000 years (not 6.000 years, MuddleMuppet... you really weren't fully awake when you recorded this video, hehe).

I've been stung by jelly fish several times because the waters at my country's beaches are filled with them. Often you'll be stung by a thread that's been torn off the fish due to the low water and rocky seabed which is filled with stone and large sea weed; furthermore it's very windy and the current is always strong, so those aspects play a role as well.

About being a super player and all that... You know what? Most of the people who upload videos that depict them as super gamers who never make mistakes and never run into unexpected trouble they can do nothing about, they're in reality players like you and me (with a few exceptions, of course) but they've edited their videos - some do this kind of edit because they think the viewers prefer to watch a perfect game play, others do it because in their view game play videos are about showing things being done exactly without the common random mistakes and desynchronizations that most of us already get more than enough of when playing our own games, but there are also some who does it because they want to make themselves look good and seem like they're an absolutely perfect player who never makes a mistake, a super player.

I believe some of the reason you've got so many new subscriptions of late is exactly that you show the process of completing missions exactly as they are for most of us, and you do it without editing out each minor mistake or unlucky event that happens to come your way.

I personally know of only two others who create and upload game play videos and who also does not edit out their mistakes or bad luck, just as you're doing. I subscribed to them right away when I'd watched their videos because it's so refreshing to see how others actually play for real, and it has the extra advantage that you can learn and get ideas from watching real game play in a way that you can't when you watch the videos where only perfection remains. - Don't get me wrong, these videos have their use as well and can be aesthetically pleasing to watch, it's just that sometimes it can seem like you're the only player on the web who isn't 'uber awesome and always playing flawlessly' (even in spite of the game's own glitches that often can cause you to fail; and Black Flag is a Very good example of this) when all the game play videos you watch have had all that doesn't look like total game play perfection edited out.

I was slightly confused about whether you get the mission at 42,268 or at 56,182, but it matters little, they're so close to one another I'll find out easily enough.

Either way, I've put this video on my Game Walk Through video list, and you've got yourself yet another subscriber plus a Thumbs Up.

P.S. Did I mention I dig your style and this video? ;)

dubiumguy: Those are not Portuguese man o' war as unlike Jellies, they're surface floating siphonophores that posses a gas filled bladder that remains on the surface of the water. They cannot submerge like Jellies, and neither do they have any means of propulsion such as the pulsating bell that Jellies use.

The animals in the game are Jellyfish.

Brison Brazil: too much bullcrapting not enough explaining.

Dawid Dorosz: Ur singing sucks dude
Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Elite Heavy Shot Plan Location & Map Location 5 out of 5

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arnt i jus pritty: i would love to swim with some killer whales
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Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Elite Heavy Shot Plan Location & Map Location