Super Comanche 45-410 Single Shot Shotgun Pistol

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Jacob McDonald: Thank you for the very informative video! However, PLEASE keep your finger out of the trigger guard until you are actually going to shoot. Every time you reached for the gun, you immediately put your finger into the trigger guard. Sure, it isn't that big of a deal on an unroostered single-action, but it is a very dangerous habbit.

Morro Treece: Looks like something a Calvary man might want to use. But no idea when this gun first came around.

buffalo1a1: great video, i would have liked to see 20yrds, but very good simple video. thank you. ps
birdshot is lethal, do the research, it's not hot pepper.

grayghost1031: Excellent video , can you do an video of dissemble and assemble?? thank you,
g g

akbychoice: I believe you meant to say " you aren't recommending" ?

cymond: According to the poster's description above, the 45LC choke is larger than the bore. Basically, the 45 choke does nothing except protect the barrel threads.

LowKeyLanding: I shot a 45 colt through the 410 choke once and it made no difference. I was shooting lead bullets with no jacket. I'm recommending it, but I got away with it once.

paulie 4x: my spell check puts in words I didn't want to use, and I didn't proof read, until I sent it, can I shoot the..45LC shells using the .410 choke, would there be any danger, and would it hurt the.410 choke

paulie 4x: Well I got the Super Camanche, the thing is, it only came with the thing.410 choke, can I shoot the thing.45LC out of the thing.410 choke can?, I'm having a hard time finding another choke for it, if you have any knowledge on finding parts, especially choke's please let me know, please reply.

LowKeyLanding: I got mine to see what a 410 pistol was like and to experiment with it. I have no practical use for it. It is a single shot and in my opinion not a defense weapon. It has a rough trigger and some pistols have chambers that are not concentric with the barrel. You should check the chamber on any gun you intend to buy, new or used. It does pattern similar to a shotgun. See my other videos on reloading for it, and for reloading for a 45 Colt revolver that equals 2.5" 410 shells with 1/2 oz shot.

paulie 4x: I'm considering getting a used in good condition Super Camanche Single Shot Pistol for $ 130.00, in your opinion is a Super Camanche a good gun, I plan on using it as a defence weapon when I go into the wilderness to bushcraft.

Thomas Lowe: nice, i wish it shot 2 or 3 shots though looks like a nice weopon

srspower: Traditionally .410 pistols were designed for putting down animals ie: a vet putting down a sheep for a farmer he can't do any more for.

LowKeyLanding: It is certainly not a Contender. It is made by Rexio in Argentina. It is a good little 410 pistol, if one has a use for it. I bought it to see what it is like to shoot 410 shot shells in a handgun. It patterns well due to the choke tube. I does not shoot 45 Colt or 410 slugs accurately, which is no surprise. I have never seen patterns of a Judge, Cobay, or Bond, but it would be interesting to compare. I don't think they have a choke, would have wide patterns, and a shorter effective range.

toogawnjawn: I never heard of this brand, how does compare to the 45/.410 Colbay, the Bond, and the tompson contender in the same classification.

LowKeyLanding: I paid $149 for this one, if I remember correctly. I have seen a few at gunshows for $179 to over $200. I'm not sure of a current price.

Al Ohms: Remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you're on target and ready to shoot. Good info on the gun.

J Piel: Great vid

Parker: *shot
Super Comanche 45-410 Single Shot Shotgun Pistol 5 out of 5

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Super Comanche 45-410 Single Shot Shotgun Pistol