Super Comanche 45-410 Single Shot Shotgun Pistol

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Super Comanche .410/.45 Colt Pistol Review
Super Comanche .410/.45 Colt Pistol Review
Super Comanche 45-410 Single Shot Shotgun Pistol
Super Comanche 45-410 Single Shot Shotgun Pistol
Super Comanche .410/45LC
Super Comanche .410/45LC
Firing The Super Comanche 45LC / 410
Firing The Super Comanche 45LC / 410
.38 Spl  Llama Comanche 2
.38 Spl Llama Comanche 2

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grayghost1031: Excellent video , can you do an video of dissemble and assemble?? thank you, g g

i7q: yeah, id say the Judge pretty much made that thing obsolets

Jesse2K12: When was this gun invented?

uziman477: I wish you reloaded on camera. Only complaint.

LowKeyLanding: @organichik Taurus makes the Judge. The Super Comanche is not really comparable to the Judge. The Judge has no choke, no pattern control, and is useful for up close defense. The SC is a real handgun/shotgun with a choke tube. It shoots great patterns. Both guns are a lot of fun, but I think the SC would do a better job of killing snakes and taking small game. However, it has the limitation of being a single shot.

Obeace: man it would fill like hot ass pepper being flung at you. if i was wanting to hit you and bring you down id hit you in the chest with the 45 long. Over

BurroBurrito1: @AaronAR15 lol if you get shot with anything your gunna hit the ground. the size of the round dosent matter on a human, your going down with no matter what you get shot with

soggytoast89: what a nice little gun

LowKeyLanding: I think about 10 feet it would kill real well, but at 30 feet you would bleed a lot and hurt real bad. It patterns well at 30 feet. which is 10 yards, and would kill small game. This gun has a short barrel (10 inches) and the 410 is the smallest shotgun, which does not compare to a full size 12 gauge shotgun with a 26" barrel.

Maj0ra: @Gixxerracing51 I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing, but hey it takes a lot more effort to stab than shoot. I also gotta say, I bet this gun is insane, I've never even heard of such a weapon.

mrwhite4: Firestorm, they have a revolver brand called Comanche, I'm not sure where firestorm revolvers are made but their line of pistols are made in Argentina at the Bersa plant, they are basicly a bersa brand but they ARE an american company, I have a Firestorm mini 45 and love it, it shoots just as well as my P345 ruger and that says alot, gun feels really well put together, solid, and ain't had a problem with mine.

Beachcrib: What's the most I should pay for one of there ... New and used prices?? I don't want to over pay. Thanks

Letsmakeasamich: I had the same gun but it was much shorter and chambered in .22 magnum, these are good little trail/camping guns, and a carjackers worst nightmare lol. load that sucker with some heavy birdshot and your attacker will wish he was never born.

mrwhite4: No i didn't but I wouldn't expect much less from them, what did they say basicly just the same old crap or are they going for a new angle?

LowKeyLanding: @ronsmith321 I haven't hunted with it, but it would be interesting to do so. It is accurate enough as a shotgun, but not with a single projectile. The sights are not good. They are too high and the back sight is loose. The back sight does not adjust enough and I had to do some filing. There is a picture of a SC on the internet that had been converted to a bead sight like a conventional shotgun. My opinion is that the bead would be more useful.

echolake85: awesome! Thanks for sharing and nice aim

nopushbutton: nah, it's fed by a 12rd drum magazine. the "single shot" in the name is purely aesthetic of course it's single shot, once you fire it it falls apart and you have to get a new one

cymond: According to the poster's description above, the 45LC choke is larger than the bore. Basically, the 45 choke does nothing except protect the barrel threads.

DjPyro2010: @MegaTommyboy666 Those pellets have a high enough velocity to pierce the human body. This is a lethal weapon, not a bb gun.

LowKeyLanding: It is certainly not a Contender. It is made by Rexio in Argentina. It is a good little 410 pistol, if one has a use for it. I bought it to see what it is like to shoot 410 shot shells in a handgun. It patterns well due to the choke tube. I does not shoot 45 Colt or 410 slugs accurately, which is no surprise. I have never seen patterns of a Judge, Cobay, or Bond, but it would be interesting to compare. I don't think they have a choke, would have wide patterns, and a shorter effective range.

DjPyro2010: Can you provide me with any information regarding its legality, and where to purchase in person. I refuse to purchase a firearm online.

LowKeyLanding: I agree, this gun should be perfect for survival and other uses. There are some rough spots in the functioning, but it is a great concept, and the rough spots can be fixed. I have worked out a way to load a 410 round with 1 oz of shot, which puts this gun in the low 20ga to 12ga class. I'll put a video up on it pretty soon.

LowKeyLanding: I've seen the 22 version. The gun is a very good concept. I wish they made them in other calibers and put a better trigger on them. With the proper metallurgy it could handle magnum handgun calibers. It is small and light and points naturally.

LowKeyLanding: Yes, it can shoot 410 slugs. However, all the firearms made to shoot 45 Colt/410 Shotgun have a 45 cal barrel. The 410 slug is a 41 cal and is far less effective than a 45 bullet which fits the bore diameter.

thomas tomaselli: wow that is a kick ass bb gun

Panzerargento: Hehe, nice Video, the Super Comanche is manufactured by Rexio Fireams of Argentina wich also made double action revolvers , 32. gauge over and ounder shotgun ( short shotgun with 10 " barrel) and pump action shotguns, for some reason the double barrel variant of this pistol is not exported to USA. check in google "pistolon rexio" and you ll find out som picture of it.

redrussian12: @LowKeyLanding my brother in law has a 44 mag and a 12 gauge in under his bed and he shot a deer with the 44 mag and it took a baseball sized hole straight through it xD have that piss you off

Fido Barkin: Have you tried firing this with .410 000 buck shot shells? If so how is the pattern?

LowKeyLanding: Thanks for the information. Smooth bore handguns are not legal in the US, 410 handguns with 45 caliber (.452" bore) rifled barrels are legal. 410 shells are legal because it is really a 45 Colt with an enlarged chamber that is able to accept 410 shells. The bigger .452 bore still works ok with shot. 410 slugs are about .395" in diameter and don't work very well. 45 Colt rounds are reasonably accurate, but the shot shells are what makes it attractive. 410 shells can be handloaded up to 1 oz.

paulie 4x: Well I got the Super Camanche, the thing is, it only came with the thing.410 choke, can I shoot the thing.45LC out of the thing.410 choke can?, I'm having a hard time finding another choke for it, if you have any knowledge on finding parts, especially choke's please let me know, please reply.

LowKeyLanding: Oklahoma. It's a state Wildlife Dept Public Hunting Area and Range, in a fairly remote location. It has a backstop, tables, and benches. An OK Hunting License is all that is required. Of course, one needs to be safe.

LowKeyLanding: This gun is like having a single shot 410 shotgun the size of a handgun. With the 1 oz loads I have reloaded it can be roughly equal to a 20 ga. It is mainly a novelty as is the Judge. It would kill snakes or rats, rabbits, etc. My carry gun is a 9mm although I have a choice of other weapons.

John Buynone: The people who made this weapon should make a double barrel version.

lukes7711: Hello,how many fps with .45lc?¿ ,it could shoot the 250 grains bullet?¿, it is made in argentina?¿ thanks u.

LowKeyLanding: Right the first time, Co-man'-che.

vinosd773: @LowKeyLanding one last quiestion, whats this guns overall legnth

marlboro bill: @FatFilms89 I have this same gun, and have everything you can get in 410 bore for it. I have shot 3 in slugs, 000 buckshot and many many rounds of birdshot through it. It is one of my favorite guns to shoot. It patterns well with the 000, and puts all 4 pellets in a 4-6 inch area from across a room. It;s a little cannon with the 3 in slugs!

Devon Clees: so big deal the taurus judge holds 5 of either

Dregkar: well crap all they need now is a full auto one and all my ideas for guns are gone haha

LowKeyLanding: If the SC is obsolete because its a single shot, then the Contender is also obsolete for the same reason. Ridiculous! Current price is $200 +/-. I paid $159. It is a sturdy pistol, but the workmanship is lacking in some areas. Trigger pull is awful, but could be fixed. Chambering is not consistent because they used a .410 diameter pilot in a .452 bore (the gun is a 45 caliber). You should inspect the gun before buying it and choose a good one.

LowKeyLanding: @vinosd773 Yes.

tkdteen2: I would get the judge its a 5 shot .410 or 45 long in its small compacted in easy to shoot but it may have a little kick at first

mustangfootball63: I'm thinking about buying one for snakes

Rainer Schnaegger: Taurus is an brazilian fireweapon, Rexio, Bersa or FM are argentine fireweapons

LowKeyLanding: I would never recommend such a piece for self defense, unless that's all you can get your hands on. It does pattern almost as well as a full size 410 shotgun though. The choke tube on the muzzle works well. The trigger is rough and the sights leave a lot to be desired, but when used as a hand shotgun it's ok. Some viewers make nonsensical comparisons. I have it because it's a lot of fun for ~$150. I use a real weapon for self defense (not a Judge either).

LowKeyLanding: I bought the gun to shoot 410 shotshells in a pistol. So 45 Colt accuracy is not an issue for me, but is subpar due to the jump of the 45 bullet thru the 410 chamber. An interesting gun to play around with, and more of a novelty than anything. The Judge is too pricey. Things to look for are tight sights, chamber concentric with the bore, trigger pull, etc. It is a solid piece, but theres room for improvement. Wish they made other calibers. Design has great potential,

Umimugo: @Jesse2K12 the powerful of a shotgun in the size of a pistol

vinosd773: does this have a shell ejector?

Alan Woodyard: LOL didnt know there where any shotgun pistols O_o

LowKeyLanding: If you need 5 shots up close, then the Judge is the choice, hands down. If you want something cheaper to play with, the Super Comanche works. The SC also throws a good pattern out to over 20 yards. The shorter, un-choked barrel of the Judge cant do this.
Super Comanche 45-410 Single Shot Shotgun Pistol 4.6 out of 5

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Super Comanche 45-410 Single Shot Shotgun Pistol